Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks

Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks, global leaders in IP and telecoms, have joined forces to form a strategic partnership that offers service providers end-to-end solutions that facilitate reduction in operational expenditure (OPEX).

The partnership provides unprecedented value to the service provider market by leveraging the unique products, skills and competencies of each company to offer reliable, secure, tested and proven end-to-end solutions.

These solutions range from Mobile Backhaul over Mobile Site Connectivity to Multiservice IP Backbone, with the partnership also focusing on integrated network management, security and a comprehensive services portfolio.

To ensure the highest level of joint engagement to the service provider, Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks:

  • help to jointly plan, build and operate the next generation networks
  • offer pre-tested, certified IP solutions
  • end-to-end network management via Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct
  • ensure combined services

Working together this global partnership creates leading IP transformation solutions that align across multiple layers and domains, mitigate risk, improve time to market, reduce cost of ownership and thus ultimately increasing competitiveness.

Mobile Backhaul

Solution Overview

  • By migrating Mobile Backhaul from legacy to IP, service providers take advantage of lower OPEX to meet challenges in the shift from voice to data traffic in mobile networks.
  • Multiple technologies are used to transport voice and data traffic in our joint Mobile Backhaul solution. In order to ensure appropriate interworking between the domains and network layers, Nokia Siemens Networks has aligned and tested Cisco's MWR 2941, 7600 and ASR 9000 series with its own microwave and transport equipment to deliver a proven and reliable end-to-end solution for IP RAN.

Cisco-Nokia Siemens Networks Value Proposition

  • MWR 2941 integrated with NSN microwave radio technology
  • Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct integration of Cisco equipment
  • End-to-end alignment between Cisco based Mobile Site Connectivity and Multiservice IP Backbone

Mobile Site Connectivity

Solution Overview

  • Mobile communication service providers migrate their traffic to IP and need to ensure services run smoothly. Mobile Site Connectivity interconnects equipment on mobile sites and aggregates IP traffic towards the backbone. Mobile Site Connectivity supports 2G, 3G and LTE and can be based on Cisco's 7600 and ASR 9000 series.

Cisco-Nokia Siemens Networks Value Proposition

  • Cisco 7600 and ASR 9000 integrated to site connectivity with radio controllers, mobile packet core and circuit switched voice (Release 4)
  • End-to-end alignment between Cisco based Mobile Backhaul and Multiservice IP Backbone

Multiservice IP Backbone

Solution Overview

  • To ensure superior end-user experience, IP backbones need to be resilient and support QoS. Multiservice IP Backbone is an IP/MPLS based solution consolidating traffic from fixed and mobile access and aggregation networks. The solution can be based on Cisco's 7600, ASR 1000 and ASR 9000 series for the edge and CRS and GSR 12000 series for the core.
  • This partnership gives us the opportunity to design and deliver highly available Multiservice IP Backbones by combining Nokia Siemens Networks system integration strengths with a strong global service portfolio.

Cisco-Nokia Siemens Networks Value Proposition

  • End-to-end alignment between Cisco based Mobile Backhaul and Mobile Site Connectivity
  • Proven migration paths towards IPv6