Joined at the Chip

UCS Overview

The Unified Computing System represents a groundbreaking approach to the data center. It’s the ideal solution to help you quickly deliver more robust services while simultaneously lowering total cost of ownership.

Cisco is changing the game by moving focus off individual components and onto a holistic view of the data center that seamlessly integrates previously separated platforms.

Our highly efficient architecture unifies, simplifies, and automates the data center in ways that can transform your business and set the stage for delivery of innovative cloud and utility-based computing services in future that build on this foundation.


  • Cisco Intel UCS Video on Demand

Moving to UCS

Learn more about the programs that address the benefits and business justification for moving to UCS

  • Refresh Now with UCS: Learn about the value of refreshing your existing server platforms to the new Intel Xeon-based architecture brought to you by Cisco’s Unified Computing System

Refresh Now

Cisco and Intel share a common vision of the challenges facing today’s data center, and are uniquely positioned to address our customers’ IT needs. Our relationship is built on innovation, trust and scale, and we are recognized as valued advisors to IT in the data center and beyond.

Aged servers, energy and power usage concerns, and significant cost savings create a compelling reason for companies to consider updating servers today. To reinforce these benefits for customers, Cisco and Intel have jointly developed Refresh Now with UCS—a program to address the estimated 8-12 million servers 4 years or older that are ripe for refresh. View the slides and videos listed here to learn more about advantages of refreshing now with UCS.

Proof Points

A server upgrade is a significant financial commitment. The papers and testimonials noted here provide additional detail and customer examples to highlight the benefits of refreshing now with UCS.

Realize the full potential of the Intel Xeon 5500 Intelligent Server Processor with the Cisco Unified Computing System and Services.

Cisco Unified Computing Services help accelerate your transition to a unified computing architecture and sustain and optimize the performance of that architecture after it is deployed. Using a unified view of data center resources, Cisco and our industry-leading partners deliver services that accelerate the transition to a unified computing environment. Cisco Unified Computing Services help architect a virtualized data center, quickly deploy the Cisco UCS B-series Blade Servers and C-series Rack Mount Servers, and optimize ongoing operations to better meet business needs.