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Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX)

Cisco Compatible

How do you know if a client device or dual mode phone is optimized to work with a Cisco wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure - supporting the latest WLAN standards and Cisco innovations? Look for the Cisco Compatible logo, which is earned through the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program for WLAN client devices.  The CCX Program is now subordinate to the new Cisco Developer Network (CDN) Program and requires a multi-step process to join.  The first step is to make sure you or your company is a registered user and has a User ID (CCOID).  Please review the FAQ about the CDN Program to understand its benefits and transition from other Cisco legacy partner programs.

To gain access to the CCX features or innovation, Cisco licenses a specification or in some cases, a software development kit (SDK) with the latest WLAN standards and Cisco innovations.  The no-cost licensing program requires the licensee “click-to-accept” the CCX Technology License Agreement (TLA) and Addenda (OEM, Software, Silicon or RFID Tag).  Upon accepting the TLA and Addenda, a program participant, submits the product to an independent lab (Allion or AppLabs) for rigorous testing. Only by passing all tests and by the partner joining the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) program does the device and partner earn the right to be called Cisco Compatible. For details on the step by step guidelines for licensing CCX technologies and joining CDN, follow the application process.

The Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) program ensures the widespread availability of client devices that are interoperable with a Cisco WLAN infrastructure and take advantage of Cisco innovations for enhanced security, mobility, quality of service, and network management. Cisco Compatible client devices are sold and supported by their manufacturers, not Cisco. For details on Cisco Compatible products, refer to the product list of partners that have achieved CCX certification and joined the CDN Program.

If your company makes WLAN client devices and you want them to be Cisco Compatible, follow the licensing and CDN application process now.

Cisco Compatible Client Devices

These products have earned the right to be called "Cisco Compatible" by successfully completing all tests for a version of the specification.

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Cisco Compatible Extensions Wi-Fi Tags

These Wi-Fi tags are compatible with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network and allow you to customize your location solution by choosing the right Wi-Fi tags for your specific application.

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Silicon & Supplicant Suppliers

Cisco Compatible features are supported in the software for a wireless LAN client adapter. For most devices with embedded adapters, the adapter software is provided by the silicon supplier that provides the chipset for the adapter. The software and chipset are part of what is called a reference design for the adapter.

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