You may be a bit confused about the differences between the Quick Inventory Search and the Order Management Portal, especially if you are accustomed to checking inventory using the Portal log-in. If you have a (CCO) username and password, we would still encourage you to use the Order Management Portal and take advantage of all the functionality (including inventory search) available to you in the Portal. If you are interested in obtaining a CCO log-in, you can register here.

  Quick Inventory Search
(Guest View)
Order Management Portal
(Customer/Partner View)
Access Method Select geographic region in dropdown box (CCO) log-in required
Inventory View Real time inventory corresponding to geographic region selected Real time inventory corresponding to user CCO profile
Displayed Price Manufacturer Suggested List Price in US dollars (USD) for all regions, except for Canada (in CAD) and Australia (in AUD)
  • Manufacturer Suggested List Price in local or Cisco theater specific currency (determined by user CCO profile)
  • Partner/customer specific currency (for customers and partners with direct purchase agreement with Cisco Capital Remarketing)
Order Management NO YES (ordering, tracking, quoting, quote conversion)
Inventory Alerts Subscription NO YES

Should you have any questions about these tools or Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment in general, please feel free to email us .