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Cisco Capital offers innovative and flexible financing solutions to enable your organisation to invest in a Borderless Network architecture, including:

  • Attractive interest rates that lower the cost of acquiring Cisco technology and solutions
  • Repayment holidays that ease migration and enable solution deployment before payments are made
  • Financing options that make support services more accessible
  • Hassle free trade-ins that reduce risk and simplify equipment replacement
  • Potential lower total cost of ownership

Cisco Capital provides innovative and flexible financing solutions enabling you to grow your Cisco Collaboration platform at your own pace.

Our financing solutions can enable you to:

  • Lower the total cost of acquiring Cisco equipment through attractive interest rates
  • Ease migration with repayment holidays
  • Add users and applications easily with our  Pay- as- you- go type financing options
  • Implement hassle free trade-ins that reduce risk and simplify equipment replacement

Cisco Capital provides a complete financing solution for all components of the virtualised, cloud-based Data Center - compute, network and storage. Whether you are building a new facility, or upgrading your existing data center platform, with our financial solutions, you can expect:

  • Competitive interest rates to ease the cost of migration
  • Attractive trade-in options so you can refresh your existing server and blade technology sooner
  • One contract for hardware, software, and services, enabling greater transparency of total cost of ownership and a simpler internal cost recovery model

Cisco Capital can help you structure financing that allows you to:

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