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Cisco Networking Academy is a 21st century IT education program. Each year, 10,000 high schools, colleges and universities in 165 countries prepare over one million students for certifications and careers in today's networked world.

Networking Academy is Cisco's largest social responsibility effort in education.

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"ABS partners with Networking Academy for added recognition in the community, equipment, and volunteer resources we donate to the academy program. ABS has established a direct link to a talent pool familiar with Cisco technologies. It's a powerful R.O.I. that helps build our business value, and allows us to make a positive impact in our community. A win-win-win for everyone." -Trent Dorroh, Director of Implementation Services, ABS Technology Architects

"The Apprentice Program is a strategic part of our business success. It's unusual for a company as small as Atrion to commit to a program like this, but we're already seeing the dividends in our business. [Academy] graduates are outstanding engineers and employees." -Patrick Halpin, Talent Recruiter, Atrion Networking Corporation

"Black Box Network Services has partnered with academy schools to provide students with full-time jobs upon graduation, as well as internships and job shadowing events. Networking Academy does an exceptional job preparing students with technical and professional skills to excel in today's business environment. Our academy hires have added immediate impact to our clients' initiatives and continue to excel by achieving advanced certifications. Black Box will continue to strengthen its Cisco Solutions Practice through the strategic hiring of academy alumni." -Jennifer Oddo, Talent Acquisition Manager, Black Box Network Services

"Custom Computer Specialists is proud to have developed a close partnership with the local Cisco Networking Academy schools, which do an outstanding job in preparing students with the skills needed to excel in today's ultra-competitive environment. Our partnership has enabled us to recruit and hire these well-trained students for both internships and full-time employment. The quality of these students and the skills they bring to the table far surpass other avenues of recruitment, and have become a key differentiator for us when we compete against other integrators. Custom will continue to expand our relationships with academy schools." -George Louris, Director, Custom Computer

"Logicalis has utilized academy schools to enhance its entry-level talent pool as well as build a sustainable pipeline of prospective future candidates. There is significant value in this program because it heightens awareness of technology careers and provides learning experiences. Presenting realistic insight to those passionate about careers in IT has aligned with opportunities at Logicalis. This has a positive impact in the community and helps combine academic achievement with real-world application of a scholastic curriculum." -Ken Carpenter, Talent Acquisition Specialist

"Metro Data Networks has found tremendous value in hiring students from academy schools. Since 2010, MDN has recruited 80% of new employees [this way] and has a 100% retention rate! The VETS Group/MDN "Joining Forces" training and employment initiative has allowed MDN to provide a veteran workforce that has the technical competency, industry certifications, security clearances and professionalism to exceed our client expectations. This is now our corporate standard for new hire technicians." -David Wynegar, President, Metro Data Networks

"Red River has established strong relationships with academy schools, enabling us to recruit and hire talented students for internships and full-time employment. We have broadened our philanthropic reach through the donation of time, equipment, and scholarships. Our rural location presents challenges with finding technical talent, and this program helps us build a recruiting funnel - while helping students realize they don't have to be in a big city to get a job at a high-growth technology company." -Dan McGee, SVP, Operations, Red River

"Networking Academy schools are an effective way for Sentinel to build our entry-level talent pool. The mentoring program we established with the local colleges has become an ideal way for us to evaluate available talent and identify emerging individuals that fit with our organization." -Penny Clancy, VP of Human Resources, Sentinel Technologies, Inc.

At last there is a bridge connecting Cisco Channel Partners with a deep pool of dedicated IT graduates. Participation is flexible and provides measurable business benefits.

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