The Information Assurance Supplemental Resources, listed below, support the CCSP certification by providing a list of topics and references to those interested in attaining the knowledge and skills specified in the training standards of the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) .

Secure Use
General Security Policy: Cyber Ethics Cyber Ethics
General Security Policy: Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC) ITSEC Definition
General Procedures: Inference Inference Definition
General Procedures: Rainbow Series Rainbow Series
General Procedures: NSTISSAM COMPUSEC/1-99 Insider Threat to Government Computer Systems NSTISSAM COMPUSEC/1-99
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Computer Law Computer Law
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Computer Media Computer Media
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Evaluate Security Testing Tools Security Testing Tools
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: System Test and Evaluation (ST&E) System Test and Analysis
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Certification Tools Certification Tools
Administrative Countermeasures/Safeguards: Control Management Change Control
Control Management
Administrative Countermeasures/Safeguards: Privacy Act Privacy Act of 1974
Operations Policies/Procedures: Certification and Accreditation (C&A) of Computer Systems DISTCAP
Operations Policies/Procedures: Keystroke Monitoring Keystroke Monitoring
Operations Policies/Procedures: Disaster Recovery Planning Disaster Recovery
Contingency/Continuity of Operations: Vendor Cooperation Vendor Cooperation
Policy and Procedures: Incident Response Incident Response
Policy and Procedures: Witness Interrogation Witness Interrogation
Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Computer Attacks Computer Attacks
Computer Attacks
Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Computer Emergency Readiness Teams CERT
Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Information System Security Officer Duties ISSO Responsibilities
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Approval to Operate Approval to Operate
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Configuration/Change Control Change Control
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Copyright Protection Copyright Protection
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Patch Management Patch Management
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Records Management Records Management
Records Management
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Wireless Use Policies Wireless Use Policy
Anomolies and Integrity
General Risk Management: Computer System Risk Management Risk Management
Access Control Safeguards: Computer System Access Control Access Control
Access Control Safeguards: Protected Distribution Systems Protected Distribution System
Protected Distribution System
Access Control Safeguards: Information Systems Access Restrictions Access Restrictions
Access Control Policies/Administration: Legal Legal Access Restrictions
Access Control Mechanisms: KMI Applications Key Management
Access Control Mechanisms: Single Sign-on Single Sign On