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Cisco Global Services Center in Krakow provides technical and business services to customers, partners and Cisco employees across multiple functional groups such as Cisco Services, Finance, Operations, IT and others. The Cisco Global Services Center in Krakow is part of operations network located around the globe, and focuses on Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR). The center currently employs more than 500 people, in multiple technical & non-technical roles. 35% of our employees are international, coming from 37 different countries.

Cisco as an Employer

We are a stable and financially secure company, with a substantial and sustainable record of profitable growth derived from leading edge products and services. Our brand and image is globally recognized and we are one or the Fortune "most admired" companies.

Cisco employment offers many benefits. Employees appreciate our work environment, which offers full ownership of deliverables, interaction with a variety of stakeholders, and opportunities to improve field knowledge. State-of-the-art solutions that enhance collaboration contribute to a positive and pleasant atmosphere at work, while flexible working practices and an active social scene support a good work/life balance.

Our facilities are designed to maximize employee interaction, which helps create a relaxed and casual work environment among our multicultural staff. Expect warm greetings, an invitation to chat over coffee, and group lunches in the canteen that can feel like mini-celebrations. The monthly Cisco Krakow Going Out also offers opportunities to meet employees from different departments on the site.

Working in the city of Krakow offers additional benefits

Cisco selected Krakow as the Global Services Center location in recognition of the fact that Poland is a high-growth country with many advantages. The Polish government has responded by recognizing the value that Cisco brings to the area. In 2012, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency identified the Global Services Center as the country's most significant foreign investment in the category of "employment creation."

Cisco made the Internet what it is today: learn more about us at


Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking. We employ more than 70,000 people worldwide and generate over US$40 billion in annual revenue in industry sectors ranging from small business through multinational. We have an extremely strong balance sheet, with free cash ranging from US$2 billion to $2.5 billion quarterly, and a total cash and investment balance of $45 billion.

Our technology is changing the way people live, work, play, and learn by transforming how they connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Cisco Finance is a dynamic organization that actively influences Cisco profitability by promoting cost efficiency and improving operational excellence. Every employee has the opportunity to transform business operations and contribute to our role as a decision-making partner.

We are currently expanding our operations in Krakow to support the Cisco EMEAR region: Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia. This is an exciting, culturally diverse area that delivers more than 30 percent of our worldwide business.

The experienced financial professionals who join our team will benefit from Cisco technology that provides process integration, information, and analytics. These advanced systems automate many manual tasks, freeing everyone from senior staff to the most junior employees to focus on strategic business objectives.

Regardless of your role, you will add significant value to our business and you will be rewarded for your innovation and commitment. We’ll work with you on career management, and align your career interests with our business priorities. We want to retain people who provide business leadership and demonstrate technical mastery at all levels of Finance, and we’ll help you achieve those goals.

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Advanced Services

Cisco Advanced Services is a worldwide organization within Cisco Services.

It is our mission to accelerate customer success by helping customers optimize their network investment and speed adoption and migration of advanced technologies. The foundation for Cisco Advanced Services is a network life cycle model based on six basic phases of prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize.

Cisco seeks Network Consulting Engineers (Routing & Switching), Data Center Network Consulting Engineers, Network Consulting Engineers (Mobility), Business Development Managers, Project Managers and Manager Advanced Services to join some of the industry's brightest minds in developing and deploying today's most advanced Internet technologies. In these roles, you will consult with customers and interact with Cisco internal teams to deliver top class solutions best tailored to customer specific requirements.

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Technical Services

Technical Services (TS) is team of world-class technical experts whose #1 focus is to help customers deploy and operate their networks effectively while delivering the best possible customer experience. Our success is validated through outstanding financial results, increasing customer satisfaction metrics, industry recognition, and employee satisfaction scores.

With several sites around the world, Cisco’s Technical services use a “Follow the Sun” model to serve customers and partners on a 24x7 basis. This means that each region support worldwide customers during the local business hours of the region and hand over critical issues at the end of their day to the next region to continue working with the customers for the following hours.

TS provides an excellent environment for learning and development. While focusing on solving technical customer issues that our partners and customers cannot solve, it also ensures that there is a proper environment for continuous learning through regular training, mentorship and working with top engineers. The TS structure allows working on critical issues with the committed support of a complete team around the customer support engineers.

Cisco are always looking to identify talented people. If you are reading this posting then we may not have an open job right now, however it is highly likely we will in the future.

Our roles are: Customer Support Engineers, Senior Customer Support Engineers and Technical Support Managers. Join some of the industry's brightest minds in developing today's most advanced Internet technologies. In these roles, you will gain insight on the detailed functionality of Cisco products and partner with all distributed elements of the service chain.

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Global Business Services (GBS)

The Global Business Services (GBS) is part of the Operations, Processes and Systems (OPS) organization. We employ more than 20,000 people with a single goal: deliver integrated, scalable services that improve our effectiveness and the Cisco experience for our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. Our services help Cisco drive the profitable growth we need to become the number one IT company in the world.

Efficient Operations

The GBS strategy is rooted in efficiency. We use a process-oriented approach to create shared end-to-end services that transcend traditional functional boundaries and simplify operations. We deliver those services under a unified structure, with an "Operations as a Service" approach and a commitment to quality based on Service Level Agreements. The result is faster, more agile operations that create a better user experience for our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.

Our Organization

Our organization is comprised of nine pillars, each focused on a critical business area: Customer and Partner Experience, Employee Experience, Global Procurement Services, Workplace Resources, Transformation Excellence, Client Engagement and Operations Enablement, Business Transformation Initiatives, International Expansion, Business Services.

Together, these pillars support a high-volume, fast-paced Cisco environment of more than 70,000 employees in 90 countries. GBS services for this challenging environment have produced a 15 percent year-over-year productivity gain. The core GBS pillars in Krakow are:

  • Business Architecture and Business Intelligence: The Business Architecture and Business Intelligence service provides transformational and shared business services that are critical to launching new products, services, and solutions around the world. Some of the key activities in this pillar are new capability adoption and legacy retirement, language translation, product localization, and New Product Introduction (NPI) data set-up and business rules management services.
  • Customer and Partner Engagement: The Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) organization delivers globally-consistent, scalable, end-to-end business processes with an emphasis on streamlined, high-speed operations. These processes support efficient, effective, cost-optimized transactions with and for customers, partners, and sales teams.
  • Employee Experience: This pillar bridges cross-functional teams to simplify, clarify and greatly improve the holistic employee experience. Leveraging the natural synergies of our teams through cross-functional processes, we focus on improving the experiences, processes, and tools that employees encounter daily.
  • Procurement Excellence: This service drives a procurement operating model that helps Cisco realize the greatest benefits from our investments and strategic supplier partnerships. Our best-in-class capabilities include Category and Supplier Management, Supplier Development, Procurement Operations, Procurement Relationship Management, Contracts Management, and end-to-end systems and tools.

Working in GBS

We're looking for dedicated employees to help with every aspect of our operations. Multiple career path and development opportunities are available throughout our nine business pillars . GBS employment offers many benefits. Employees appreciate our work environment, which offers full ownership of deliverables, interaction with a variety of stakeholders, and opportunities to improve field knowledge. State-of-the-art solutions that enhance collaboration contribute to a positive and pleasant atmosphere at work, while flexible working practices and an active social scene support a good work/life balance.

Please visit to learn more about opportunities at the Global Business Services (GBS) organization.

Graduate Opportunities

Our Graduate and Internship programs were specifically designed for talented graduates, to be a smooth transition from your academic life to professional environment. Through world class training, hands on experience, mentoring and coaching we will help You to develop and progress with your career and to become one of the most valuable professionals in the industry.

We are very excited to announce new graduate and internship opportunities available for start dates in 2015. Please see below links to review the job descriptions and to apply.

Eligibility requirements:

In order to be eligible for one of our Graduate roles you need to graduate Bachelor’s or Master’s degree before the start date. These are entry level roles and ideally designed for candidates with 0-2 years’ experience.

Development/Training Program:

All our Graduate and Internship Programs will include robust training and development opportunities.

Open Opportunities:

Graduate Business Analyst
Business Analyst Intern (Poland)
Associate Project Manager (Full Time) Services (Poland)
Digital and Social Media Marketing Intern (Poland)
Sales Intern (Poland)

Software Engineer Intern (Poland)
Graduate Software Engineer (Poland)
Cisco Services Network Engineer (Full Time) Services (Poland)
Cisco Services Network Engineer (Intern) Services (Poland)

Please keep monitoring this page for any other Graduate and Internship opportunities that may appear in the future.

Cisco Kraków Incubator Program

What is Cisco Engineer Incubator?

Special educational program designed by Cisco engineers to support young, talented students and graduates interested in networking technologies and starting the career in IT.

Who is it for?

Engineering students (preferably on their last year of studies), with CCNA-level knowledge of networking technologies, who see themselves as professionals in IT industry in the future.

How does it work?

Free CCNP course delivered through technical seminars and webinars between October and May, with regular office visits and meetings with our engineers and managers.

How do I join?

We will kick-off the recruitment shortly for the Fourth Edition of the Incubator Program (2016 – 2017). Please monitor this webpage for the updates on the application process and the schedule of our university events in Poland.

You can also follow our Facebook funpage for additional information and updates.

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