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Budget Constraints, Reduced Travel Budgets  Is Video Collaboration the Solution?

Budget Constraints, Reduced Travel Budgets – Is Video Collaboration the Solution?

Video is one of the most significant ways of achieving seamless collaboration. Like Snorre Kjesbu writes in his blog on ‘Using Video as the Currency for Trust’ on the Cisco Website: Short of being physically in the room and shaking hands when you say this, high-definition video is today the most effective communications tool to build trust in a business context.

With a geographically dispersed workforce, reduced travel budgets and the sheer pace of work, effective collaboration has become critical for organizations to function. New age video solutions from Cisco are getting easy to use, affordable and are able to simulate in-person meetings to a great extent.

Budget constraints are usually the biggest roadblocks to the adoption of video solutions, given that the benefits are not apparent until implementation is complete and the solution is being used extensively. A financing solution from Cisco Capital can allow a business the freedom to grow its video investment at a pace that suits it, making additional purchases easier.

In the new MX Series integrated video collaboration systems, high-definition video and stereo-quality sound come together in units that are easy to install and deploy.

The SX10 Quick Set, a codec-in-camera unit, can turn any flat panel into a video collaboration solution. SX80 is equipped with an integrator platform, which delivers the industry’s first support for H.265.

New Intelligent Proximity capabilities let users leverage their mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, to synch with Cisco video systems and enhance their collaboration experience. The SpeakerTrack 60 dual-camera system offers intelligent facial recognition and voice triangulation technology to detect and directly switch between active speakers on the far side.

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