Offloading XML processing to the ACE XML Gateway improves service performance and simplifies application development.

While working on a commerce transformation initiative, Cisco started to redefine the company’s processes and systems, making it easier for customers and partners to conduct business with Cisco. To support this initiative, Cisco combined customer and partner business requirements with Cisco products to enhance the user experience while sharing internal business processes. A reusable set of application services was developed to help customers and partners with pricing promotions and configuration services, ultimately saving them time and enhancing their ability to locate and make use of Cisco resources. Examples of these application services that are common to all multiple business services include security and XML processing. The Cisco ACE XML Gateway is a hardware-based web services gateway designed specifically to manage web services security, XML processing, and encryption. It is a key component in delivering flexible, scalable enhanced application services. By building these services incrementally, they can be easily managed as the business service requirements change.

This document describes Cisco IT's business needs, proof of concept, pilot program, challenges, business benefits realized, and next steps for continued growth of the Cisco ACE XML Gateway.

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