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Cisco IBSG’s latest thought leadership for the research and economics industry, featuring proven solutions to daunting business challenges—and the roadmap for achieving success.


The mission of the IBSG Research & Economics (R&E) Practice is to accelerate our customers' success by identifying transformative network-enabled strategies and analyzing their economic underpinnings. The R&E team works with the biggest and most innovative organizations around the globe—both public and private sector—to help them understand the business potential presented by technology innovations, including the hard financial case for investment.

The R&E Practice serves as a sensing engine for Cisco in terms of identification of emerging trends and market discontinuities. Our thought leadership agenda focuses on primary research into game-changing areas of innovation across vertical markets, including cloud computing, collaboration, social media, video, mobility, and green.

R&E consultants also produce extensive executive-ready financial models on the quantitative business benefits of technology innovation. These models are the centerpiece of a data-driven consultative approach that enables fact-based decision-making for our customers. Recent value cases the team has developed include: broadband investment at the national government level; implementation of TelePresence and video-enabled collaboration; and cloud/virtualization economics.

The R&E team partners with IBSG vertical consulting practices to deliver unique customer value through a suite of services, spanning both disciplines:

Research | Economics
Technology futures   Financial analysis (ROI, NPV, DCF, etc.)
Concept testing   Market sizing
Pricing analysis   Economic forecasting
Discrete choice models   Customer adoption and diffusion of innovation analysis
Cluster analysis and customer
  Monte Carlo simulation
Benchmarking and diagnostics   Systems modeling
Competitive analysis   Scenario planning

Practice Lead

Innovations Leader Joseph Bradley
Senior Director
Economics & Planning Practice

Joseph Bradley is senior director of the Economics & Planning for the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), a new group encompassing operations and business architecture in addition to economics and research. In business architecture, which is the process of translating technology into business solutions, he is responsible for transforming IBSG's customer relationships, scaling business solutions, and communicating IBSG's business messages.

Prior to that, Bradley was director of Cisco IBSG's Global Finance and Research Practice. He has produced several thought leadership papers on economics for Cisco IBSG, including a prescient white paper titled, "Next Generation Service Providers," in which he accurately predicted in 2005 that service providers' existing networks were not agile enough to bring new products and services to market.

Bradley continues to engage with Cisco IBSG customers and is working with Cisco Sales to a greater extent. "We want to be leading with the business issues—business architecture, business transformation—and follow with technology. The real key is delivering a high level of value to the customer by showing the company how to be more efficient, more productive, more competitive, and more agile in a rapidly-changing environment."

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