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Climate ChangeMoving to a low-carbon economy and adapting to large-scale risks associated with climate change requires participation from a wide range of public and private organizations. Such profound and far-reaching change requires numerous decisions. Such decisions, however, may be based on partial knowledge of options, benefits, costs, and associated risks. To ensure informed decision making, Cisco and NASA formed a partnership in 2009 to develop a pervasive platform called Planetary Skin.

A global "nervous system" of sorts, Planetary Skin is an online collaborative monitoring platform designed to capture data—from satellites and air-, sea-, and land-based sensors—and analyze and report data on environmental conditions around the world. The intention is to make the information available to the general public, governments, and businesses so that they can measure, report, and verify environmental data in near-real-time to help detect and adapt to global climate change.

Planetary Skin not only ensures informed decision making, it also works as an early warning system, creating global environmental situational awareness and enabling private and public sector organizations to move to a low-carbon economy.

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