Employee Resource Organizations

Supporting Diverse Communities

Learn how Cisco provides opportunities and builds relationships in diverse communities.

Supporting Diverse Communities

Diversity in Support of Strategic Initiatives

The Cisco ERO vision, strategy and operating model provide a framework that ensures that contributions from our EROs are scalable, repeatable, and sustainable.

Our Employee Resource Organizations engage, empower and transform Cisco employees both on a personal and a community level.

What Employee Resource Organizations Do

Cisco Employee Resource Organizations – EROs – are global, virtual organizations focused on diverse communities. Through their passion for these communities, Cisco employees impact the lives of individuals who cannot be reached through our formal corporate outreach programs.

At Cisco the conversation around EROs has evolved from joining the group "to which you associate yourself" to actively engaging in the community that supports your passion and interests. For example, a man may be interested in the Connected Women ERO because:

  • He has daughters
  • His wife or mother has a fulfilling career
  • He has women as direct reports
  • Women are his work peers
  • He's looking to hire, retain and develop more women in his organization

The ability for the EROs to connect at a personal level with their diverse community of interest is both inspirational and powerful. Their passion transforms Cisco, entire communities around the globe, individuals within the communities as well as each and every active ERO member.

Employee Resource Organizations

  • CAAN: Cisco Asian Affinity Network
  • CBP: Connected Black Professionals
  • CDAN: Connected Disabilities Awareness Network
  • Conexion: Latino Employee Community
  • CW: Connected Women
  • ECN: Early Career Network
  • PRIDE: Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender & Advocates
  • iCON: Indians Connecting People
  • WISE: Women in Science and Engineering
  • VETS: Veterans Enablement and Troop Support