With the rise of green initiatives and carbon emission credits - markets and regulations are the drivers for a massive shift in the world economy. Research is essential to enhance the efficiency of hardware components, device-level integration, systems power management, and future paradigms for power.

Modern windmills


Topics include, but are not limited to:

Hardware area

  • ASIC low power design
  • Low power processors
  • APIs for power management

System Low Power Design

  • Architectures for low power
  • Algorithms
  • Protocols
  • Optimizations

Power Management

  • Data Center
  • Enterprise
  • Building
  • Home
  • Service providers
  • Local Government (Towns and Cities)

RFP-2010-061: Smart Energy Grids

RFP-2011-069: Power and Green Component and System Designs

Sensors for Power

  • Cost effective network enabled sensors
  • Sensor networks including enabling network communication of existing sensors
  • Network-based correlation of sensor inputs into control system responses

Smart Grid

  • Smart Meters and consumer involvement.
  • Inclusion of more Green technologies in the Power Grid.
  • Smarter and more autonomous transmission and distribution controls and systems.