Acquisitions Summary

LightSpeed LightSpeed International, Inc.
December 22, 1997 - LightSpeed?s voice signaling technologies will enable Cisco to provide solutions in both the enterprise and service provider markets as voice traffic transitions from purely circuit switched networks to integrated circuit and packet/cell switched networks. LightSpeed has developed leading-edge voice protocol conversion and intelligent call control software which enables signaling to be transmitted among diverse sets of voice protocols and applications. This technology allows different phone and communications systems to work together in a seamless fashion, lowering communication costs for both businesses and consumers.
Market Opportunity: Signalling Controller CS2200
Dagaz Dagaz (Integrated Network Corporation)
July 28, 1997 - In July 1997, Cisco Systems, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to purchase the Dagaz xDSL business of Integrated Network Corporation. INC, based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, is a broadband networking company providing a suite of products for high speed information transmission over existing copper phone lines. Cisco will acquire INC's Dagaz xDSL products and intellectual property, personnel, and other xDSL-related assets. The purchase of the Dagaz business, combined with Cisco's xDSL internal development, will give users a new carrier compliant fast lane on their networks.
Market Opportunity: 6200 Series Advanced DSL Access Multiplexers
Ardent Communications Ardent Communications Corp.
June 24, 1997 - In June 1997, Cisco Systems, Inc. acquired privately held Ardent Communications Corp. The San Jose-based Ardent is a pioneer in designing combined communications support for compressed voice, LAN, data and video traffic across public and private Frame Relay and ATM networks. The acquisition of Ardent will complement Cisco's 3800 series within carrier service offerings for branch offices and remote sites by extending leadership in integration of voice, video and data.
Market Opportunity: 3800 Multiservice Access Platform
Global Internet Software Group Global Internet Software Group
June 24, 1997 - In June 1997, Cisco Systems, Inc. acquired Global Internet Software Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Internet.Com Inc. based in Palo Alto, CA. Global Internet Software is a pioneer in the Windows NT network security marketplace. To complement Cisco's enterprise-class PIX firewall, Global Internet Software and its Centri Security Manager Windows NT firewall is designed to meet the turnkey needs of small and medium businesses who are often without security engineers to design, build and support their networks offerings.
Market Opportunity: Firewall Solutions
SkyStone SkyStone Systems Corp
June 9, 1997 - In June 1997, Cisco Systems, Inc. announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Skystone Systems Corp. of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Skystone is an innovator of high-speed Synchronous Optical Networking/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SONET/SDH) technology. SONET/SDH is the emerging transport technology used for carrying information in very-high-capacity backbone networks, such as those operated by telecommunications carriers and large Internet Service Providers. Cisco intends to leverage Skystone development efforts on new SONET/SDH transport technologies for integration within next-generation Cisco products.
Market Opportunity: Sonet Technologies
Telesend Telesend
March 26, 1997 - In March 1997, Cisco Systems, Inc., acquired Telesend, a privately-held company specializing in wide area network access products in a stock swap in which shares of Cisco stock were exchanged for all outstanding shares and options of Telesend. Through the acquisition of privately-held Telesend, Cisco announced a new channel unit for D4 DSL Frame Muxes, the Cisco 90i. The Cisco 90i provides telecommunications carriers with a more cost-effective way to deliver high-speed data services for Internet and intranet access applications. The resulting service is ideal for small business users, telecommuters and residential Internet access.
Market Opportunity: Cisco 90i IDSL Channel Unit