The Internet economy is rapidly changing the face of the pharmaceutical industry and delivering new web-enabled solutions to solve many business and care issues. It is improving business processes such as billing and purchasing, increasing sales-marketing and R&D productivity, and reducing operating costs across the organization. Quality of patient care is improving as the Internet, new software and the expanded capabilities of large digital databases are being used to diagnose and treat patients. Higher R&D efficiency - web enabled clinical trials and increased information sharing will have a key impact by shortening pharmaceutical R&D cycles.

Emerging sciences such as Genomics and proteomics will increase the number of Drug targets from many hundreds to ten's of thousands, therefore Internet applications will help to optimize huge volumes of complex data and will help to better identify drug candidates. Make the Internet Work for Your Business, by going from a traditional pharmaceutical organization to an e-business with web-enabled applications requires a rethinking of existing business models. It involves becoming more connected, and more flexible to react faster to change. The question is no longer when the Internet will impact the business of pharmaceuticals, but how the industry will adopt the technology to get the most out of the Internet, streamline and build new innovation into business processes, simplify and improve the healthcare value chain experience.

Take a look at the following challenges:

Maximising sales and marketing effectiveness

Backing the winners in new drug development

Accelerating clinical R&D