The growth of the Internet Economy has had a profound impact on the media industries, bringing both exciting new growth opportunities and serious challenges. The dynamic new digital landscape with rising dotcom stars shifted into a reality check that would shake out many new players and shake the foundations of several established media and technology companies. The ability to leverage the Internet effectively remains a key factor for success. Many companies now have a greater understanding of the value of this larger, more connected environment.

While businesses are applying new technologies in all stages of the digital supply chain, many Media companies face the need of a strong Internet Business Strategy and Internet-based business processes to support the chain effectively, boost operational efficiencies and gain the edge they need to lead in the New Media Economy. Convergence is one challenge that forces Media companies to move from piecemeal adoption of selected technologies to a holistic strategy, enabling them to become truly digital businesses. As media markets merge and the consumer becomes more sophisticated, the need to make content available to suit multiple platforms that match consumer expectations, could be seen as another major challenge for content owners. These two challenges force media asset owners to ensure that content is produced and converted to a digital format in multiple encoded versions. As protecting the rights once the content has become digital becomes a far more complex and critical issue this might be the biggest challenge for the Media Industry.

Take a look at the following challenges:

Make more of management information for merchandising

Maximising the value of media assets

Embracing the Challenge of Converging Digital Technologies