Internet-powered applications are dramatically changing the business of healthcare. They are redefining everything from the way information flows to how people and healthcare organizations interact and improving everything from business processes to quality of patient care. Internet applications are simplifying administration, enabling Integrated Patient Centic Care, enhancing physician information, services delivery, and Continuing Professional Development, and empowering patients by giving them more choice and greater access to information.

Making the transformation from a traditional healthcare organization to an e-business with web-enabled applications for business processes and patient care requires a rethinking of existing business models. It involves becoming more connected, and more flexible to react faster to change. The question is no longer when the Internet will impact the business of healthcare, but how the industry will adopt the technology to get the most out of the Internet, streamline and build new innovation into business processes, simplify and improve the healthcare experience.

Take a look at the following challenges:

Continuing physician professional development

Maximising administrative efficiency

Putting the patient at the centre of care