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Brand Protection



Are your purchasing decisions placing your customersí networks at risk?

Protecting your IT reputation from unauthorised market and counterfeit products

Buying products from outside the Cisco Distribution Channel can be a risky business. Your purchase could include stolen or fake products. You may also get second hand or third-party items that have incorrect configurations. Such products may have invalid warranties or software licenses, and no entitlement to Cisco service support.

The Cisco channel is a vital part of Cisco, handling over ninety percent of our business and acting as a trusted source of genuine Cisco products and qualified advice. The Cisco partner logo recognises the part you play in the integrity of a channel that puts its customers first and enjoys a solid reputation in the market.

As a partner you have access to a lot of benefits, from sales support, online e-learning and promotions, to increase your bargaining power and profits. You will also enjoy our full trust, and the trust that customers have in the Cisco brand.

Customer satisfaction is top of mind for Cisco. It is for this reason that Cisco expects our trusted partners to purchase products only from Cisco Authorised Distributors. Ciscoís commitment to the future development of Asia Pacificís information technology industry is reflected in our commitment to you.

Together we form a partnership thatís ideally placed to make the most of exciting opportunities in this market. But we can only benefit from these enormous opportunities if we work together to promote quality, reliability and innovation and ensure that customers only get the genuine Cisco equipment that they expect.

Protect your business Integrity

Protect your business Integrity

Take the risk out of protecting your business. Grow your reputation by ensuring that your customers receive only genuine Cisco products, backed by warranties, support and service.

By helping your customers build strong, reliable, high quality network foundations you also win their trust and repeat business. By ensuring this integrity and keeping counterfeit and unauthorised market products out of the sales channel you will be certain that your customers are always entitled to:

  • Quality Cisco products
  • Technical support and upgrades that will ensure their network equipment and software is maintained, and
  • Genuine software and products that protect them from legal liabilities.

Cisco technology is critical to the daily operations of many businesses. Systems failure due to poor quality products and components is an unacceptable outcome for our customers. Because our customers expect and deserve the highest level of satisfaction when purchasing Cisco products, we actively monitor the counterfeit and unauthorised market and have longstanding processes in place to address this challenge.

Build customer trust

Build customer trust

Your customers need secure, highly available networks they can depend on, so they choose Cisco because of the companyís worldwide reputation for reliability and quality.

If they receive unauthorised market or counterfeit products, not only can your business relationship be damaged, it may also put their network at risk in the following ways:

  • No guarantee of quality or reliability
    Products sourced from outside the authorised Cisco channels may not be guaranteed by Cisco. These products can pass through many hands before they make their way to the customer. Cisco cannot offer any assurance as to how these products have been handled, stored or shipped. Such shipments may also include second hand, third party or even counterfeit products.
  • No warranty or support
    Not only may these products function poorly in your network, they may also have invalid warranty and software licences, no support entitlement or incorrect configurations. This may leave customers exposed if they experience a technical failure, without access to any technical support options.
  • No upgrades
    Counterfeit products are not eligible for hardware, software or firmware upgrades from Cisco, significantly reducing their lifespan and return on investment

  • No software licence
    The software for counterfeit products is unlicensed, creating a legal liability exposure for your customers.

Take the risk out of protecting your business

Take the risk out of protecting your business

There are several steps you can take to protect your business and your reputation from counterfeit and unauthorised market products.

  • Only purchase from Cisco Authorised Distributors
    Cisco Distributors offer our partners more than just product. To find out what they can do for you, contact a Cisco Distributor today.
  • Create an ethical business environment
    Promote the integrity of your business environment by ensuring people know you are an authorised Cisco partner. Advertise your culture and ethics to build trust and increase sales.
  • Educate your staff
    Your staff represent your company. When they speak highly of your companyís values, customer confidence naturally increases. Thatís why itís so important to promote awareness of unauthorised market and counterfeit activities in your organisation. Make staff aware of your culture and ethics and the consequences of not abiding by them.
  • Inform your customers
    Make customers aware of the risks associated with unauthorised market and counterfeit products. You may also like to consider the Cisco Authorised Refurbished Equipment (CARE) program for price-sensitive customers. For more information go to:

Case Studies

Case Studies

It is important to protect your IT infrastructure integrity.

The integrity of your network depends on every single component. Cisco believes this issue to be of importance. So what really happens? There have been many cases in Asia Pacific and around the world. We have highlighted a few cases that may interest you.

Government department receives falsified equipment

A reseller purchased 40 Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Routers from a broker and sold them to a government department via an official RFP. A review of the serial numbers showed that the equipment was out of warranty and was sourced from several countries including the US, China and India. The government department, however, was not satisfied with these findings, as on inspection, the boxes were sealed and the equipment appeared to be new and unused.

Cisco traced the serial numbers to the original routers, two of which were installed in a client’s network in Asia Pacific. Cisco Brand Protection team members photographed the serial numbers of the original routers and provided this evidence to the government department.

After further investigation, it was found that the 40 Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Routers had been illegally modified to a Security (K9) bundle, which costs twice the price of a standard version.


Only purchase from Cisco Authorised Distributors

Only purchase from Cisco Authorised Distributors

Distributors can provide dedicated Cisco Sales Teams that can help with many aspects of support and advice. On top of this, many distributors will offer promotions, training and services with strong pre and post sales support.

As with all business relationships getting to know your distributors well can provide definite advantages to your customers and therefore your business.
To find an authorised Cisco distributor near you. Click here.

Cisco Brand Protection

Cisco works closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure our partners and customers are protected from the dangers posed by piracy, counterfeiting, stolen and other substandard products.

On top of this, our Brand Protection team works globally with governments and industry to ensure that the highest standards of detection, enforcement and prosecution are imposed on those caught trading in defective and substandard goods.

Report an incident to Cisco Brand Protection

Protecting our corporate brand and reputation for quality is a serious issue for Cisco. To report suspicious products or activities, contact the Cisco Brand Protection team:
Email at


See It? Report It.

If you believe someone is trying to sell you illegal or unauthorized products, treating you unfairly or may be engaged in unethical or other questionable activities....

See It? Report It

Notify our Brand Protection Office if you believe someone is trying to sell illegal products (counterfeit), unauthorized products (e.g. second hand products sold as new, diverted products from foreign markets, etc) or third party bundled components as "Cisco" components. Mail to

Notify our Ethics Office regarding any unfair-, known- or suspected improper behavior by Cisco employees and agents. Mail to

For Ethics relevant Information read the folder Promoting Successful Business Relationships (1,028 KB)

Brand Protection & Ethics Office Fax:
Send a fax to our Hong Kong Brand Protection & Ethics office: +852 3015 0842

Brand Protection & Ethics Office Mail Address:
Cisco Systems (HK) Limited
Brand Protection
31/F Great Eagle Centre
23 Harbour Road
Hong Kong


1. The Ethics team and Brand Protection are standalone departments separate from the sales organization

2. The information you provide is kept strictly confidential

3.  Let us have your contact details so we can follow up with you, if we need to, and handle the case more effectively

4.  Always provide the location of the Cisco office you have been dealing with (country, city, office address)

5.  Preferred language is English

6.  If English is not an option for you, our Hong Kong based Brand Protection office is able to handle the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese


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