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Channels Specialist Group (CSG)

Channels Specialist Group (CSG)

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The Cisco Channels Specialist Group (CSG) complements the roles of Channels Account Managers and Channels Service Account Managers by providing partners with efficient and dedicated support for all business operation issues.

As a one-stop business operation excellence team, its roles include:

  • The country channel operation team for Channel Sales
  • A centre of channel business process and Cisco applications experts
  • The primary escalation point for partner pre-sales inquiries

  • With CSG, partners will receive faster, more accurate business operation support.

    Services the CSG provide include:
    1. Channels program, process and application service inquiries.
    2. Channels program, process and application training such as:
      • Channel resale program—certification and specialization
      • Managed Services Channel Program (MSCP)
      • Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Program
      • Channel Incentive Programs such as—VIP (Value Incentive Program), OIP (Opportunity Incentive Program), CSI (Cisco Service Incentive Program), Distributor Profitability Program (DPP), Services Deal Sealer, SMARTnet 3-4-2, SIP (Solution Incentive Program), TMP (Technology Migration Program), TAP (Trade-in-Acceleration Program), PDF (Partner Development Fund), NFR (Not for Resale), MAP (Marketing Acceleration Planner), Network Assessment
      • Processes - Customer Satisfaction Survey, OIP deal registration, Quote Collaboration, Awareness around Service Entitlement (TAC/RMA), Service Contract Management Centre (CSCC), Service Mapping, End of life/support process.
      • Channel Applications—Partner Registration, Partner Self Service, Partner Locator, Certification and Specialization Application, Partner Access Online, Cisco Commerce Workspace, Partner Program Platform, Channels Territory Tool, My Cisco Event Calendar, Partner Workspace, Partner Community, Campaign Builder, Service Availability Matrix Tool
      • Awareness on Cisco Services Accelerate Program, Cisco Services Expert Program (CSEP), Know The Network (KTN), Partner Practice Builder, Steps to Success, Services eConsulting.
  • What are the services excluded by the CSG?

    The CSG does not provide:
    • Technical support
    • Ordering support
    • Service contract management support

All partners are eligible for CSG's services. However, different Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies based on their partner value.

What are the operating hours of the Channels Specialist Group (CSG)?

Local business hours from 9am–6pm (excluding lunch hour and public holidays)

How can partners reach the Channels Specialist Group (CSG)?

Partners can reach CSG through a dedicated toll-free phone number, email or the web.

Telephone :

  • Toll-free Customer Interaction Network Number: 000 800 100 1364
    1. Dial the toll-free number
    2. Select the "Channels Specialist" option
  • US direct line: +1 415 671 4032 / +1 646 434 4166 (IDD charges apply)



Let Us Help

  • Call 1800 103 7723 (Pre-Sales)
    1800 100 1364 (Tech Support - Enterprise)
    1800 102 5553 (Tech Support - SMB)
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