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Cisco Engages Angola Government on Economic Transformation through Technology

Luanda - 19 September 2007. As part of supporting governments around the world, especially in Africa, to achieve their economic, social and technological goals, today Cisco Systems engaged with the Angolan government in Luanda.

Anthony Vonsee, General Manager for Emerging Africa, together with a senior Cisco delegation today met Angola's Vice Minister, Professor Pedro Teta as well as representatives from the Science and Technology Ministry to discuss various ways aimed at driving and growing economic development through Information Communication Technology (ICT). The meeting comes at a time when Angola is going through a process of economic and social transformation - aimed at delivering socio-economic needs such as healthcare, education, transport and security.

As a global leader in networking for the internet, Cisco's formula encompasses a thorough understanding of these markets to ensure government programs are efficiently delivered to citizens through ICT. "Given the fact that government has outlined the ICT sector as a critical enabler to deliver on the economic growth initiative, fast tracking the development of relevant skills has therefore become a focus for Cisco", says Vonsee.

"Given the fact that government has outlined the ICT sector as a critical enabler to deliver on the economic growth initiative, fast tracking the closing of the Digital Devide by using it's state of the art Internet Technologies and sulutions and support, development of relevant ICT skills has therefore become a focus for Cisco.

Around the world the Internet has been the engine behind the spectacular growth of the global economy, enabling the sharing of skills, knowledge, expertise and creating local wealth.

Cisco will continue to work with the government to identify various opportunities through which Cisco can help Angola achieve its mandate - that of providing essential services to it's citizens. "We had a very fruitful engagement with the Vice Minister and his team and therefore going forward,and under their visionary guidance , Cisco will be honerred to leverage it's technologies, solutions and expertise to assist Angola in achieveing it's objectives of e-education, e-health and e-government as well as stimulating the economy through the widespread adoption of ICT in the private sector" added Vonsee.

During the discussion, different Cisco experts and government representatives exchanged information and ideas on the ICT policy and strategy to be implemented in Angola aimed at accelerating the country's development.

The future innovative services under discussion include connecting government ministries, Angolan Embassies across the world, interconnecting Universities in the country, interconnecting and resourcing all schools in the country, and increasing the number of Cisco Networking Academies to train and build ICT skills among the Angolan people. The overall project can be qualified as transformational, encompassing all sectors of the economy. The plan is to achieve a substantial leap forward in ICT, and help bridge the digital divide in line with the Government goals to increase government efficiency, raise living standards and eradicate poverty and improve the quality of life.

Today's engagement confirms Cisco's continued commitment to the development and empowerment of communities in Angola. This commitment is part of Cisco's global strategy of confirming Cisco as a key networking solutions partner and change agent that provides internet protocol (IP) technology and transforms communities positively.

Cisco has offices in Johannesburg, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon and soon in Angola, Senegal, Mauritius and Ethiopia.

Cisco Partners in Angola include: Cassca Technologies, Cosmus Networks, Dinovang, Hiperdist Angola, Iamitec Tecnologias, Internet Technologies, Intrinsic, Medtech, Microcenter, MS Telecom, Mundo Telecomunicacoes, NCR Corporation, NextiraOne, Omnidata, Planad LDA, RCS Angola, Schlumberger, SMS Angola, Systemscorp, Tecnol LDA, To-Be Angola and Velonet Teleinformatica.

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