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Design a Virtualized Infrastructure

Bring new levels of programmability and virtualization to your networks. (2:23 min)

Design a Virtualized Infrastructure

Service providers are redesigning and scaling their networks to meet the massive traffic growth associated with video and mobile video Internet traffic. The recent Cisco Visual Networking Index Report predicts global IP traffic will grow three-fold from 2012 to 2017.

Networks are strained to keep up with this tremendous growth. Traffic patterns are migrating from people-to-people and people-to-thing to machine-to-machine. Machine transactions will not only massively spike capacity demands, but also increase the complexity of traffic due to innumerable, dynamic, and interactive policies. An intelligent network must be the center of what Cisco calls the Internet of Everything (IoE).

An industry leader in Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, and core networks as a part of Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) architecture, Cisco offers a comprehensive portfolio of carrier-class solutions that deliver:

  • Massive capacity and scalability
  • Nonstop video and mobile experiences
  • Cisco IOS XR Software
  • Intuitive instrumentation and management
  • Optimized infrastructure power efficiency

Cisco designs a virtualized infrastructure to support service integration capabilities for considerable flexibility in deploying new applications. The Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) family of products is a key element in supporting this requirement for virtualization as a part of the Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE).

Our platforms are a key engine in meeting the scale, throughput, and policy slicing needs of the IoE. They can bring new levels of programmability to intelligent networks at decision-making and policy-changing speeds that have never before existed and at system-wide scale.

A network based on the Cisco next-generation Internet architecture can help you manage the rapid growth in mobility and data, and profit from it as well. With advanced Cisco technologies you can utilize more than 95 percent of existing installed fiber at 100 Gb speeds and over third-party dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) systems. Reduce deployment time to reduce capital and operating expenditures, and simplify network operations and engineering.

Other innovations include:

  • Superior cloud intelligence to monetize
  • IP+Optical convergence to optimize
  • Excellent capacity to scale networks
  • Readiness for software defined networking (SDN)

Get the most value from your investments in Cisco converged IP+Optical solutions with services from Cisco and our partners.

  • Cable Infrastructure

    Cisco Cable EPN solutions help you improve efficiency, unify IP and MPEG video infrastructures, and enhance "triple-play" services.

  • Carrier Ethernet

    The Cisco EPN Carrier Ethernet design facilitates “any-play” services that you can deliver anywhere, to any device.

  • Carrier-Grade IPv6 Solution

    Deliver on the future of the Internet. Preserve, prepare and prosper with CGv6.

  • Convergence

    The converged transport architecture integrates packet, optical time-division multiplexing (TDM), and DWDM layers across hardware, control planes, management planes, and administrative domains.

  • Core Networks

    Cisco IP/MPLS core routing solutions deliver service flexibility and scalability for next-generation business and consumer services.

  • Edge Networks

    Cisco offers a comprehensive portfolio of edge networking solutions that optimize video and mobile service delivery.

  • IPTV and Telco TV

    Use the power of Cisco IPTV solutions to deliver more personal, social, and interactive media experiences.

  • Network Management for Service Providers

    Cisco network management tools accelerate and simplify network infrastructure deployment and provide real-time visibility into your network.

  • Optical Network

    Cisco optical solutions provide a flexible, high-capacity foundation for accelerating next-generation Carrier Ethernet service delivery.

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