Cisco Open Network Environment

Evolving the Intelligent Network

Programmable networks will help prepare you for the next wave of business innovation.

Evolving the Intelligent Network
Evolving the Intelligent Network

Meet onePK

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Why an Open Network Environment?

Increase infrastructure agility, simplify operations, and instill greater application awareness

The Vision of an Open Network Environment

In an Open Network Environment, your network can evolve into an effective business enabler, becoming more open, programmable, and application-aware.

The Cisco Open Network Environment gives you deep programmatic access to take full advantage of network intelligence. It offers a choice of protocols, industry standards, and deployment models that are customizable to several use cases including emerging trends around software defined networking (SDN).

Cisco is delivering the Open Network Environment as a multi-pronged strategy including:

  • onePK, a comprehensive developer kit with a rich set of platform APIs across Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, and NX-OS Software
  • Proof-of-concept controllers and SDN/OpenFlow agents for research purposes
  • Overlay network solutions that include the Cisco Nexus 1000V for scalable, multitenant cloud deployments

Potential use cases for the Cisco Open Network Environment include:

  • Research and academia: Network "slicing" using proof-of-concept campus slicing SDN controller and OpenFlow agents
  • Hyperscale data centers: Network flow management with programmatic access through APIs
  • Cloud providers: Automated provisioning and programmable overlay for scalable multi-tenancy
  • Service providers: Programmatic access, policy, and analytics to optimize and monetize service delivery
  • Enterprise: Virtualization of workloads, virtual data infrastructure (VDI), etc. for private cloud automation

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