Cisco Connected Health

Collaborative, Connected Health Community

Caregiver collaboration helps to deliver timely, sophisticated care and improves the patient experience.
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Connected Health
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A collaborative Connected Health community provides:

  • Increased caregiver teamwork and productivity to meet the challenges of an aging population and an increase in chronic disease
  • Better patient experiences by delivering increasingly sophisticated and costly treatments more efficiently and in new ways
  • Patient-centered care that is safe, effective, and efficient, emphasizing prevention and health, rather than dealing only with illness

Connected Health Transforms Healthcare


Healthcare Feature

Networking Healthcare for Better Patient Care

Integrating Systems Enhances Patient Care

John Chambers shows HIMSS attendees how a Medical-Grade Network helps deliver better, more efficient care.
Watch Video (15:48 min)

Getting Patients Home
See how clinical collaboration and communications are being enabled by Cisco to provide healthcare workflow efficiencies and get patients home.
Watch Video (4:57 min)

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