Cisco ContentFlow architecture is an end-to-end solution enabling service providers to quickly design and deploy intelligent Web hosting services that go beyond what today's "piecemeal" products can support.

To deliver the CiscoFlow architecture, we've added new Accelerated Server Load Balancing capabilities to the Catalyst 6000 switch, allowing service providers to offer load balancing services at throughputs of up to 16G bps. In addition, Cisco's DistributedDirector and LocalDirctor now work together with switches and routers to enable both global and localized server selection for optimal content delivery.

Cisco CacheEngine 505 and 550 are two network elements that localize content delivery by transparently caching for the same content. Cisco ContentFlow architecture also uses Cisco's PIX Firewall and Intrusion Detection Services to provide the robust level of security required for today's Web hosting services.

Business Cases

  • Business Models for Hosting and Content
    Business Case. Defines hosting services accelerated by Cisco Content Networking and content delivery network technologies. Includes market research and a return-on-investment (ROI) example.

  • Business Models for Web and Application
    Defines web and application hosting--discusses market and technology drivers,service provider opportunities, target markets, & other related topics.


  • Balancing The Load At Genuity
    Genuity is responsible for the infrastructure behind some of the most complex and successful online e-business solutions. Genuity maintains its own Tier 1 backbone and a portfolio of peering relationships to deliver fast, reliable hosting services.

White Papers


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