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Simplifying Management of an Integrated SNA and IP Network

To keep costs at a minimum and to ensure high availability for SNA application access, a networking solution must offer excellent network management tools. CiscoWorks Blue is a suite of products designed to simplify management of a consolidated SNA and IP network.

Because many enterprises still manage their SNA networks with NetView or SOLVE:Netmaster, the Cisco IOS software includes support for native service point, which allows the Cisco routers to send alerts and receive commands from a mainframe management application. Working with Cisco IOS and SNMP agents in Cisco devices, CiscoWorks Blue Internetwork Status Monitor enables router monitoring, reporting, and even configuration from a mainframe console.

In addition to host-based management tools, Cisco offers SNMP-based management with CiscoWorks Blue Maps and SNA View. These tools are ideal for managing a consolidated IP and SNA network. With one console, you can view, activate, and deactivate SNA devices (physical and logical units) and understand how they are connected to mainframe applications over a router backbone. Color coding and the ability to drill down to the link layer enable rapid problem isolation and resolution.



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