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Product Bulletin No. 1315


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Product Bulletin No. 1315

Announcing CiscoWorks Routed WAN Management Solution (RWAN) 1.3 and Updates to RWAN 1.X

Cisco Systems® announces availability of the CiscoWorks Routed WAN Management Solution (RWAN) 1.3 for Windows and Solaris. A minor update kit for customers running RWAN 1.X will be released on Windows and Solaris (updates will not been posted for Web-download).

The RWAN Management Solution is a collection of powerful management applications to configure, administer, monitor, and troubleshoot a routed WAN environment. RWAN provides increased visibility into network behavior, assists in quickly identifying performance bottlenecks and long-term performance trends, and provides early detection in optimizing bandwidth and utilization across expensive and critical links in the network.

Key features of RWAN 1.3 and the update kit are:

Enhancements to the CiscoWorks Server replacing its CD One naming with "Common Services"

Support for new devices, Cisco IOS® releases and roll up of past incremental device updates (IDUs)

Support for Windows 2000 Advanced Server and updates to existing operating system support

Minor updates and improvements made in all RWAN applications

For existing RWAN 1.0 and 1.1 customers using past versions of nGenius Real-Time Monitor solution, we are providing a minor update kit containing RTM 1.4 SP6 updates. The LAN Management Solution (LMS) package includes RTM, providing support for our Cisco 6500 Network Analysis Module (NAM). New RWAN 1.3 customers interested in obtaining RTM may purchase LMS 2.2.


The CiscoWorks Routed WAN Management Solution 1.3 and the RWAN 1.3 update begins shipping May 15, 2003. Customers interested in purchasing these products can place orders through their normal sales channels (see below for ordering information) beginning April 25, 2003.

Existing RWAN 1.X customers with current Software Application Support (SAS) contracts can request the RWAN 1.3 update kit using their service contract number at beginning May 15, 2003.

RWAN 1.3 product and update kit will ship with both sets of the Windows and Solaris product CDs. The CiscoWorks Server component of the product is licensed for installation on only one server platform per purchased copy but licensing provisions allow some RWAN subcomponent applications to be loaded on separate servers for improved scalability and performance.

The following table provides part number information for ordering the Routed WAN Management Solution:

Part Number

RWAN 1.3 for Windows and Solaris; Includes ACL 1.5, IPM 2.5, RME 3.5, Common Services 2.2 with CV 5.5


Cross Bundle Discount RWAN 1.3 for WIN/SOL; Available to customers who have previously purchased LMS and want to add RWAN.


May 2003 maintenance updates for customer on RWAN 1.X for Windows and Solaris; Includes ACL 1.5, IPM 2.5, RME 3.5, RTM 1.4 SP6, CV 5.5 and Common Services 2.2


Software Application Support; TAC support, minor updates, CCO access for RWAN 1.X products

Existing Products Effected

With the availability of the Routed WAN Management Solution Version 1.2, Cisco is announcing the End of Sale (EoS) for the following products:

Part Number


End of Sale Date


RWAN Management Solution 1.2 for WIN/SOL

May 15, 2003


Cross Bundle Discount Promotion, for LMS users adding RWAN 1.2 for WIN/SOL

May 15, 2003


May 2002 update release for customers with RWAN 1.X for WIN/SOL

May 15, 2003

Product Information

For installation documentation please refer to:

For additional product information please refer to:

Additional Information

For additional information or questions please send e-mail to the product-marketing group at


Posted: Wed Jul 13 10:27:23 PDT 2005
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