Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 Special and Early Deployments

Cisco IOS Software Early Deployment 12.2(14)SY Bulletin

Product Bulletin, No. 2168

Cisco IOS Software Early Deployment
Release 12.2(14)SY

New Cisco IOS® Software release for the Cisco® Catalyst® 6500 Series switches and 7600 Series ro uters helps enable integrated security services with unprecedented resiliency, performance, and flexibility.

VPNs are increasingly being recognized as a mainstream solution for secure WAN connectivity. They replace or augment existing private networks using leased lines, Frame Relay, or ATM to connect remote and branch offices and central sites more cost effectively and with increased flexibility. This new status requires that VPN devices deliver higher performance, support for both LAN and WAN interfaces, and high network availability.

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(14)SY offers the following additional features for use with the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches and 7600 Series routers equipped with the VPN Services Module (VPNSM).

  • Inter-chassis IP security (IPsec) stateful failover—Enables maximum network uptime for critical services such as client/server applications or voice and video over a VPN. The release's IPsec VPN High Availability feature enables rapid IPsec stateful failover for thousands of geographically dispersed peers, avoiding disruption to critical enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or databases transactions. This feature allows customers to employ a backup Cisco Catalyst 6500 or 7600 platform that easily and automatically takes over the primary platform's tasks, without losing secure connections with its peers in the event of a primary platform failure.
  • Additional service module and interface compatibility—This release adds support for FlexWAN interfaces as well as coexistence with other security service modules in the same platform. Now the VPN Services Module, Firewall Services Module, IDS Services Module 2 and Network Analysis Module can all be installed in the same chassis.
  • Easy VPN remote access—Now the VPNSM can be used for both site-to-site and remote access IPsec VPN deployments, including IPsec Network Address Translation transparency support.
  • Increased performance through multiple VPNSM and generic routing encapsulation (GRE) acceleration—Adding support for up to 10 VPNSM per Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch or Cisco 7600 Series Router enables these platforms to scale to an industry-leading 14 Gbps throughput for Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) encrypted data. Furthermore, the VPNSM now also supports onboard GRE acceleration that dramatically increases GRE performance while eliminating costly supervisor engine CPU usage.
  • Onboard low-latency queuing—Quality of service (QoS) queuing system ideal for voice-over-IP applications.
  • PKI enhancements—2-tier certificate chaining, manual enrollment, and subject name modification support.

For more information about specific features included in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(14)SY, see the release notes at:

Migration Guide

Figure 1 displays Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(14)SY functions relative to Cisco IOS Software Release12.2S. This figure also shows the recommended migration path.

Figure 1
Cisco IOS Software Migration Guide


Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(14)SY follows the standard Cisco support policy as indicated at:

Product Numbers

Table 1 shows the platforms supported by Cisco IOS Release 12.2(14)SY feature sets and associated images and memory recommendations.

Table 1   Cisco IOS Release 12.2(14)SY Feature Sets, Platforms and Images Supported, and Memory Recommendations

Platform Software Feature Set Product Code Image Flash DRAM
Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series

Enterprise with VIP Secure Shell (SSH) 3DES



32 MB

512 MB

Cisco 7600 Series

Enterprise with VIP SSH 3DES



32 MB

512 MB

Download Information

Customers can download Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(14)SY from using the Cisco IOS Upgrade Planner at: