Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.1 Mainline

Cisco IOS X-Release 12.1(5)XM

Product Bulletin, No. 1240

Cisco IOS X-Release 12.1(5)XM


This Product bulletin describes the new features introduced in Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.1 (5)XM which is an early deployment (ED) release that targets the worldwide market.

New Features

The new features for the Cisco 1700, 2500, 26xx, 36xx, 72xx, mc3810, AS5300, AS5350, AS5400, AS5800, ubr7200, ubr905 and ubr924 platforms included in this release are:

  • Direct Inward Dial - 12.1(5)XM release introduces Direct Inward Dial support on analog voice interfaces for the Cisco 2600 Series and 3600 Series.

  • H.323 VoIP for the AS5400 Universal Gateway - This is the initial VoIP feature release for the AS5400 Universal Gateway. The release supports Phone-to-Phone, PC-to-Phone and Fax-to-Fax applications in an H.323-based VoIP network, in addition to remote access services for Wholesale Dial, Access Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and Mobile Wireless solutions.

  • MGCP CAS PBX and AAL2 PVC - The MGCP CAS PBX and AAL2 PVC unifies other programs to give a complete SGCP/MGCP solution for RGW, BGW, and TGW. It includes support for analog (FXS, FXO, E&M) and digital CAS (E&M) interfaces. It supports both VoIP and AAL2 trunks. It supports connectivity to black phones, key systems, PBXes, and the PSTN. It enables application for CAS-PBX, Operator Services (BI/BLV and 911), and RGW CLEC solutions.

  • WT-2750 Multipoint Broadband Wireless System - This is an integrated broadband wireless solution consisting of a Head-End router (UBR7246/7223), and multiple Subscriber (SU) routers (2600/36xx).

  • SIB User Agent MIB - The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) User agent client and user agent server should be manageable by an SNMP-based network management platform, such as Cisco Voice Manager. The SIP UAC/UAS exists on the C26xx and C36xx platforms. The SIP US MIB has been defined, will be submitted to the IETF and will be implemented on those platforms.

  • - The H323 GK Enhancements - This feature has the following characteristics:

  • Support for GK redundancy

  • Gatekeeper Performance: minimum of :30 calls/sec.

  • Security enhancements

  • GK API/GK TMP enhancements

  • Support for multiple LRQ's

  • Alternate end point support

  • Alternate gatekeeper support

  • Scalability: Single-box and clustering

  • MGCP Support for VoIP and telephony interfaces - This feature enables MGCP solutions a residenetial gateway. Access enables MGCP solutions requiring MGCP control of calls over VoIP connections. This is to complete the end to end MGCP VoIP solution.

  • Three-way Calling with SGCP/MGCP - This feature provides CLASS and 3-way functionality using the SGCP and MGCP protocols.

  • Multiservice Interchange (MIX) functionality on 2600/3600 - The MIX-3600 card is used to enable the Multiservice Interchange (MIX) which supports switching of DS) time slots via MIX interconnects across the backplane to each network module slot. The MIX also supports distribution of clocking between channelized interfaces on the Cisco3660 to support voice and other constant-bit-rate applications.

  • 5350 Universal Gateway - The 5350 Universal Gatewa is a next generation midrange Universal Gateway Platform. It will be the only 2 PRI access platform on the market that will provide voice and data in a compact 1 RU form factor with carrier class features including hot swappable cards, hot swappable fan tray, and NEBS complaint. The product leverages the existing Atlantis Motherboard and will support existing Dial Feature Cards. The motherboard features include 2 Fast Ethernet ports, 2T serial ports and R7K MIPS Technology. Key DFC deliverables with this program are the DFC-2/4 PRI and DFC-NP60 Cards.


  • Fax Detection - The Fax Detection feature enables the Cisco AS5300 gateway to automatically listen to incoming calls and discriminate between voice and fax calls. This enables service providers to deploy unified communication applications where each subscriber has a single E.164 number for both voice and fax mail.

  • Additional H323 VoIP for AS5800 - 3 additional VoIP card types.

  • Advance Gateway Functionality - Support H.323 applications through various Voice Interface Cards (VIC) that slot into the VG200

Detailed Information

For more detailed information about the platforms and features of 12.1(5)XM, reference the following document: Release Notes for Cisco IOS Release 12.1(5)XM:













Download Information

Customers can download Cisco IOS Release 12.1(5)XM software from Cisco Connection Online (CCO) in the Software Image Library.