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Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0DB - No. 871

Product Bulletin - No. 871

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0DB


This product bulletin describes the process used to deliver Cisco IOS™ Software for the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator (UAC) for Node Switch Processor (NSP). This bulletin should be used in conjunction with Product Bulletin #537, Cisco IOS Software Release Process.


Cisco IOS software release 12.0DB is an Early Deployment (ED) release, which delivers support for the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator (UAC) for Node Switch Processor (NSP). 12.0DB is being offered for early delivery of crucial IOS features (please see below for list of features)

The process to deliver 12.0DB is based on the Cisco IOS ED release process. Unique distinctions for 12.0DB are:

  • 12.0DB is based on the 12.0 Major Release, and is directly parented from 12.0 for 12.0(1)DB through 12.0(4)DB.

  • 12.0(5)DB through 12.0(6)DB1 are parented off 12.0T, which is an ED release parented from 12.0

  • There will be no weekly interim releases. 12.0DB maintenance releases will be released on an eight week schedule. Please see Figure 1 for CCO FCS dates for each of the 12.0DB maintenance releases.

Figure 1
CCO FCS Date Release Number













Release Process

Release 12.0DB is based on the 12.0 Major Release, and is parented directly from the 12.0 initially, then later to the 12.0T ED release. As maintenance is performed on release 12.0, it is synced to 12.0DB. Each maintenance release of 12.0DB contains all defect corrections on 12.0 (and 12.0T once it reparents) in addition to maintenance or new functionality unique to 12.0DB.

As described in Product Bulletin #537, the numbering scheme explicitly describes the level of maintenance on 12.0, 12.0T, and 12.0DB. For example, 12.0(1)DB includes all maintenance that has been performed on 12.0. Once it reparents to 12.0T, 12.0(5)DB and later 12.0DB releases will also contain maintenance performed on 12.0T. 12.0DB will also include additional maintenance or new functionality specific to 12.0DB.

Based on the unique needs of the Cisco 6400, there may be times when 12.0DB specific functionality or maintenance is required, but no additional maintenance is required from the 12.0 or 12.0T parent release. In these situations, a new maintenance release of 12.0DB will be created, but it will remain at the current maintenance level of 12.0 or 12.0T. These maintenance releases are clearly numbered to identify:

  • the maintenance level of 12.0 or 12.0T to which they are synced

  • revision level of 12.0DB since that last sync to 12.0 or 12.0T

As an example, if there were to be a 12.0(3)DB1 release, the number "1" is added to the release number to identify that a maintenance release is synced from 12.0, and that there are differences between this release and the previous maintenance release, 12.0(3)DB. Readme files are created to clearly identify what was integrated into each maintenance release of 12.0DB.

Life span

The expectation is that Cisco IOS Software 12.0DB will be sold until August 1999. Future Product Bulletins will be issued containing further information.


Cisco IOS Software 12.0DB is supported by the Cisco Systems Product Support Policy. Release Notes will exist on CCO for every maintenance release.


  • 5GBPS ATM Switching with full Traffic Management (PFQ from LS1010)

  • Fully Redundant and NEBS Compliant

  • Supports 32K ATM PVC/SVC Per 6400

  • 180 to 190 CPS SVC Call Setup Rate


  • Traffic Management 4.0 (Per-Flow Queuing)

  • UNI 3.0/3.1/4.0

  • Soft VCC's and VPC's

  • VP Tunneling

  • PNNI Version 1.0

  • ILMI Version 4.0

  • Full Redundant OC3/STM1 ATM Interface

Feature detail can be found at:

Supported Hardware Platforms

Cisco IOS Software release 12.0DB supports the following platform:

  • Cisco 6400

11.3DB Product Summary

For additional information on Cisco IOS Release 12.0DB software, refer to:

Memory Size

The Cisco 6400 UAC for NSP requires a minimum of 20MB flash and 64MB DRAM.

Product Number

Cisco IOS Software can be ordered using the following product numbers:

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Cisco 6400 Series IOS for NSP