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Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0(2)XF - No. 914

Product Bulletin - No. 914

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0(2)XF


This Product Bulletin describes the new features introduced in Cisco IOS(TM) software release 12.0(2)XF. It should be used in conjunction with Product Bulletin #815 , Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0T.

New Features

Cisco IOS release 12.0(2)XF is a short lived Early Deployment (ED) also known as X release. IOS X releases do not provide maintenance trail. Capabilities and functionality of X releases are ported to subsequent IOS consolidated release. This release is particularly focused on delivering ATM functionality to the Catalyst 2900 Series XL 10/100 FastEthernet switches. It is recommended that ED release of software be first utilized in a test environment before full production network deployment.

Functionality and platform support delivered with this X release will be immediately incorporated into the consolidate release 12.0T starting with 12.0(3)T. As such, 12.0(3)T or later version of 12.0T is the logical migration path for IOS release 12.0(2)XF. For more information about the Cisco IOS software release process, please see Product Bulletin #537 .

Detailed Information

12.0(2)XF is the name of this X release train. The naming convention used for maintenance of 12.0(2)XF is 12.0(2)XF1, 12.0(2)XF2. Please note that 12.0(2)XF2 is a rebuild of 12.0(2)XF1 and will only happen if the first release is defective.

For more detailed information about the platforms and features being delivered in 12.0(2)XF1, please reference the following documents:

Feature Sets, Images and Memory Requirements

Table 1: 2900 XL ATM Feature Sets, Images, and Memory Requirements
C2900XL ATM Feature Sets Images F DRAM