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CiscoWorks SNMS 1.5 Configuration Management Enhancements

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CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution 1.5 Adds Configuration Management Enhancements and Updates to SNMS 1.0

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Product Bulletin, No. 2292

CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution 1.5 Adds Configuration Management Enhancements and Updates to SNMS 1.0

Cisco Systems announces the availability ofthe CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution (SNMS) 1.5 and associated minor update release for SNMS1.0. This product is ideal for small networks, which might include two or three branch offices, which need to efficiently and effectively manage the network through a secure, simplified browser-based interface. This suite of management applications provides basic network monitoring and element management for small to medium businesses (SMB) customers with devices from multiple vendors in their network. SNMS allows users to select up to forty (40) key Cisco devices for advanced administration using selected tools available in our enterprise class LAN management product.

Positioned between CiscoWorks for Windows (CWW) and the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS), SNMS introduces network administrators to the functionality of Resource Manager Essentials along with the multi-vendor device monitoring and SNMP management features of WhatsUp Gold. As growth of the customer's network continues, SNMS provides a cost effective solution that can beeasily installed and used today while providing a transition path to CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution.

The release of SNMS 1.5 provides the following:

Device Limit—Increased limit of critical Cisco devices managed via the RME tool set from 20 to 40 devices; The total number of additional devices managed can depend onthe size of the server

Device Dashboard—Provides a snapshot of the current state of a specific device with detailed graphical back and front views

Integrated Infrastructure Management—Provides a single window to monitor andmanage Cisconetwork devices and non-network devices such as PCs, servers, andapplications

Device Monitoring—Monitors and reports on hardware, configuration, and inventorychanges

Configuration Baselining—Aids in avoiding configuration mismatches viatemplates for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) community, Terminal Access Controller Access Control System (TACACS), enable, syslog, SNMP trap destinations, Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) and Domain Name System (DNS) to prevent CLI commanderrors

Software Analysis Tool—Provides reports that analyze prerequisites and impacts of proposed software updates

Permission based access control—Provides granular, tiered user access to management configuration tools based upon role permission

Ordering Information

The CiscoWorks SNMS 1.5 solution and associated minor update release kit will start shipping September 1, 2003. Customers interested in purchasing these products can place orders through their normal sales channels beginning August 21, 2003.

Existing SNMS 1.0 customers with current Software Application Support (SAS) contracts can request the SNMS 1.5 minor update kit using their server contract number at beginning September 1, 2003.

Customers interested in purchasing the CiscoWorks SNMS 1.5 solution or updates can place orders through their normal sales channels. Some SNMS 1.5 components include strong encryption technologies, which are restricted for some types of U.S. export.

Table 1Ordering Information for CiscoWorks SNMS 1.5

Part Number

Small Network Management Solution 1.5 for Windows; includes WhatsUp Gold 8.0, Resource Manager Essentials 3.5 (40 Cisco Device restriction), CiscoView 6.0, Common Services 3.2


Minor update kit for existing Small Network Management Solution 1.X customers; Includes updates for WhatsUp Gold, Resource Manager Essentials, CiscoView, and Common Services


CiscoWorks Small NMS Solution upgrade for CWW 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1 customer


Upgrade kit for SNMS 1.X customers wanting to upgrade to LMS 2.2; kit includes support for both Windows and Solaris platforms


SAS service for SNMS 1.x for Windows; provides TAC support, Software Center access, and minor updates

Existing Products Affected

With the availability of the CiscoWorks SNMS 1.5 solution, Cisco is announcing the End of Sales (EoS) for thefollowing products. Older versions will continue to have extended support contracts offered for them as indicatedbelow.

Table 2Product End of Sales Dates

Part Number

Small Network Management Solution 1.0 for Windows

August 21, 2003

August 20061

1 Support may require customers to move to a higher product version for resolution.

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