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Cisco 4000-M End of Sale Announcement, No. 714

Product Bulletin - No. 714

Cisco 4000-M End of Sales Announcement

Cisco Systems announced "End-of-Sales" for the Cisco 4000-M platform effective July 10, 1998. This applies to new systems only and does not apply to most products that extend the capabilities of existing Cisco 4000 and 4000-M platforms such as Network Processor Modules (NPMs), memory, IOS Software, and power supplies. The major exception to this is that Cisco also announced End-of-Sales for the NP-1E, or one port Ethernet NPM that is only supported on the 4000 and 4000-M and not on the 4500, 4500-M, 4700 or 4700-M. Customers can continue to meet their Ethernet requirements on the 4000 and 4000-M with the NP-2E (see "Planned Revision to NP-2E" below which discusses implications of revising the NP-2E on all 4X00 series routers).

This action was taken due to the dramatic decrease in demand over the past 12 months of the 4000-M in favor of Cisco's 4500-M, 4700-M and 3600 series platforms. The products affected by the End-of-Sales are attached as Appendix A.

Cisco recognizes the importance of protecting customers' investment. Customers often need the ability to update their software to a later release or to add additional interfaces to their existing system. Subsequently, software releases will be available for the Cisco 4000 and 4000-M through Software Release 12.0 mainline. However, this will be the last release supported on the platform. Cisco will also continue to offer spare NPMs, memory upgrades, power supplies and common equipment cables ("extension products"). Shortly after EOS extension products that are not shared with the 4500, 4500-M, 4700 or 4700-M will be transferred to the legacy price list.

In order to minimize confusion and to support customers with mixtures of both 4000s and 4000-Ms, the 4000 End of Support date will be extended to the same date as that of the 4000-M. Previously the 4000 End of Support Date was August 1999.

End-of-Sales refers to the time when certain products are no longer available for new system purchases. It does not apply to the service and support programs for those products. Cisco will continue to support the Cisco 4000 and 4000-M after end of sales through our SmartNet and Comprehensive Maintenance programs. Customers with either of these service contracts are entitled to free software updates through all maintenance releases of 12.0 mainline, 24-hour phone support through the Technical Assistance Center, and advance replaced hardware for repairs. Comprehensive Maintenance customers also receive on-site service. Customers who do not have a maintenance contract can purchase software updates and hardware repair services from Cisco to meet specific requirements rather than full service coverage. Cisco is committed to supporting these systems for a period of five (5) years after the End-of-Sales date. Appendix B has a complete list of various dates associated with the End of Life Process.

In the end of October 1997 Cisco announced an aggressive trade-in program called the "Technology Migration Program". This program enables Cisco customers to upgrade their existing 4000 or 4000-M series routers to many other Cisco routers. For maximum protection of investment customers should choose an upgrade to the 4500-M or 4700-M since their 4000/4000-M NPMs can be reused (while the NP-1E is not supported in the 4500-M or 4700-M, customers can receive additional credit by trading it in towards an NP-2E or NP-6E). When customers need higher density or more than the 4 to 6 times increase performance increase of the 4500-M and 4700-M, the Cisco 7200 series is an attractive upgrade. Where customers seek dial or voice integration the 3600 is attractive.

Planned Revision to NP-2E

Due to the obsolescence of components on the NP-2E Cisco must revise the product to use new components. At current run rates Cisco does not expect to switch from the current version to one incorporating new components for at least 6 months. However Cisco can make no guarantees that this will not occur sooner due to the limited supply of these obsolete components and the difficulty of predicting future orders. The important implication is that using the new version of the NP-2E will require moving to a software release current at the time of the revision. This means that customers running IOS 11.0 and earlier will definitely need to upgrade to a newer release. Customers running 11.3, 11.2 and 11.1 may need to upgrade to a newer release.


Cisco 4000-M End of Sales Listing

Cisco 4000 Series Products


Cisco 4000-M Modular Router-AC


Cisco 4000-M Modular Router-DC


Cisco 4000-M Modular Router, use w/AC RPS

Cisco 4000 Series Network Processor Module (NPM) Options


1 Ethernet Port NP Module


Cisco 4000-M End of Life Schedule

End of Life Announcement

January 12, 1998

End of Sales (final ordering date)

July 10, 1998

End of Shipment

Approximately July 31, 1998 (depends on size of final orders and resultant leadtimes)

End of Smartnet Contract Renewal

July 10, 2002 (for both 4000 and 4000-M)

End of Support - Product Obsolescence

July 10, 2003 (for both 4000 and 4000-M)

Last Software Support

Final Maintenance release of Cisco IOS 12.0

Memory Availability

In general at least 18 mos. from End of Sales or Dec 31, 1999. Cisco can make no guarantees on availability of specific memory parts due to reliance on its memory suppliers. In the few known cases of possible part obsolescence Cisco expects that substitutes (in some cases larger amounts of memory) will be available.

Network Processor Module (NPM) Availability

The NP-1E has been EOL'd on the same schedule as the 4000-M. Other NPM's will be available as long as Cisco continues to offer the Cisco 4500-M and 4700-M. As of the announcement date of this 4000-M EOL, sales of the 4500-M and 4700-M are very strong, Cisco continues to invest in these platforms with new hardware and software features and there are no near term plans to discontinue them.