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Flash Memory Increased in Cisco 805 Serial Router.

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Product Bulletin, No. 2221

Flash Memory Increases in Cisco 805 Serial Router

Effective May 30th, 2003, the Cisco® 805 Serial Router's default Flash memory increases to 8 MB from 4 MB. The Cisco 805 list price will remain the same.

The Cisco 805 Serial Access Router provides secure, managed access through serial WAN link with firewall protection and encryption for VPNs with Cisco IOS® Software. Effective immediately, the default Flash memory configuration is upgraded from 4 MB to 8 MB, while the default DRAM memory remains unchanged at 8 MB.

Additional Flash memory is being provided to ensure the Cisco 805 Serial Router will be able to support future versions of Cisco IOS Software. The memory enhancement to the Cisco 805 router will allow customers, resellers, and service providers to benefit from the greater capabilities that Cisco IOS Software offers today and in the future. Investment protection is also increased because the risk of truck rolls to upgrade the memory is negated.

Cisco 805 Flash Memory Information

  • Flash memory—Ships with 8 MB (NEW)
  • Max Flash memory—12 MB

Ordering Information

Product Number: CISCO805

View the Cisco Pricing Tool for pricing information: pricing-tool/

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