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Cisco IOS SW 12.2(1)XE for Cisco 806 Routers - No. 1357

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Product Bulletin No. 1357


New Features

Life Span

Supported Hardware Platforms

Product Bulletin No. 1357

Cisco IOS Software
Release 12.2(1)XE


This product bulletin describes the new features introduced in Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.2(1)XE for the Cisco 806 Broadband Gateway Router.

New Features

The following key features are supported with 12.2(1)XE:

PPPoE termination end routing

DHCP Client/Server


NTP Client/Server

DHCP Server Import

IPCP Subnet Mask Delivery

Named IP Access List

Secure Shell

Service Assurance Agent

H.323-capable NAT for NetMeeting v. 2.10/11, 3.01 with limitations

Fast Switching

IP Multicast

The features delivered with this ED release will be incorporated into Release 12.2(4)T, and subsequent maintenance for these features will be obtained from Release 12.2(4)T.

Complete Cisco IOS Software Release Notes 12.2(1)XE can be found at:

Life Span

12.2(1)XE will be sold until Cisco IOS Software 12.2(4)T is released.

Supported Hardware Platforms

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(1)XE supports:

Cisco 806 Broadband Gateway Router