Cisco 800 Series Routers

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(4) YA

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Product Bulletin No. 1649


Supported Hardware Models

New Features and Supported Hardware

Life Span

Product Bulletin No. 1649

Cisco IOS Software
Release 12.2(4)YA


This product bulletin describes new features introduced in Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.2(4)YA.

Supported Hardware Models

Although supported on the following models, a specific release might not be the default image on any router shipped from the factory; check with your account or product team for default software information if you do not plan to specify a release during the ordering process.

Cisco 806 Broadband Gateway Router

Cisco 826 and 827/4V ADSL Routers

Cisco 828 G.SHDSL Router

Cisco SOHO 71 Router

Cisco 805 Router

New Features and Supported Hardware

The following key features are supported with Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(4)YA for noted software images on models listed below. For models not listed below, the feature may have been implemented in a previous release, or may be supported in a future release.

Software Image

Cisco Easy VPN Client


Cisco 806, 826, 827, 827-4V, 828

New Model Introduction

IP Firewall


X.25 Features:

DNS Based X.25 Routing

X.25 Load Balancing

X.25 Closed User Group

Plus Images

Cisco 805

To configure enhancements for the Cisco 800 and SOHO routers, refer to the platform release note:

and the IOS release notes on X.25 for the Cisco 805 X.25 features

The features delivered in this ED release will be incorporated into a release (and supported in subsequent maintenance releases) as yet unnamed, approximately three releases after Software Release 12.2(4)T.

Life Span

Software Release 12.2(4)YA will be sold until a future version of the Cisco IOS Software is available on