Cisco 7500 Series Routers

Cisco 7500 Series Routers 64-MB/128-MB Flash Disk for the RSP4+

Product Bulletin, No. 2399

Cisco 7500 Series Routers
64-MB and 128-MB Flash Disk for the RSP4+

The Cisco® 7500 Series routers now support 64-MB and 128-MB Flash disks on the Route Switch Processor 4+ (RSP4+). Flash disks, an alternative to linear Flash memory, are Flash memory-based devices that can be used as file storage media in the PC card slots of the RSP4+. With its two PCMCIA interfaces and support for up to 128 MB of Flash per interface, the RSP4+ can be configured with up to 256 MB of Flash memory.

Features and Benefits

These large-capacity Flash disks support large or multiple configuration files and Cisco IOS® Software images. Cisco IOS Software memory requirements are available on at:

Flash disks coexist with linear Flash products, preserving customers' investments in their existing Flash memory infrastructure. Flash disks are scalable by allowing customers to grow Flash requirements that are consistent with their networks' growth.

Software Requirements

To identify the Cisco IOS Software releases that support the 64-MB and 128-MB Flash disks on the RSP4+, use the Hardware-Software Compatibility Matrix located at:

Platform Support

The 64-MB and 128-MB Flash Disks are supported on:

  • Cisco 7500 Series routers (Cisco 7505, 7507, 7513, and 7576, including MX models)
  • Route Switch Processors (RSP4+) on Cisco 7500 Series routers

Ordering Information

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Product Description


RSP4+ PCMCIA Flash Disk: 64-MB Option


RSP4+ PCMCIA Flash Disk: 64-MB Kit


RSP4+ PCMCIA Flash Disk: 128-MB Option


RSP4+ PCMCIA Flash Disk: 128-MB Kit

Additional Information

Flash disks are not supported on the RSP2 or RSP4.