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End of Sale Notice - Cisco NPE-200 for Cisco uBR7200 Series

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Product Bulletin - No. 1166

Upgrade Path

Cisco IOS Software

Support Programs

Product Bulletin - No. 1166

End of Sale Notice for Cisco NPE-200 for the Cisco uBR7200 Series Routers

Cisco Systems is announcing the end of sale (EoS) for the Cisco NPE-200 network processing engine supported on the Cisco uBR7223 and uBR7246 routers, effective August 31, 2000. The Cisco NPE-225 offers improved performance at a lower price and is the suggested replacement product for the NPE-200 (Table 1). The Cisco NPE-200 remains available for ordering as a configuration option in Cisco uBR7200 systems until August 31, 2000. The Cisco NPE-200 will be orderable as a spare until January 31, 2001.

This notice does not affect the bundled configurations available for the Cisco uBR7223 and uBR7246 routers. Currently, the Cisco uBR7223 offers five unique bundling options, including the Cisco uBR7223-MC11C, Cisco uBR7223-MC12C, Cisco uBR7223-MC14C, Cisco uBR7223-MC16C, and the Cisco uBR7223-MC16S. Each bundle is configured with the Cisco NPE-225. The single Cisco uBR7246-MC11C bundle also contains the NPE-225.

Upgrade Path

The recommended upgrade path for the Cisco NPE-200 is to the NPE-225. This network processing engine has a higher sustained throughput rate, offering higher performance at a lower price. The Cisco NPE-225 uses a high-performance 263-MHz RM5271 RISC processor, compared with the 200-MHz R5000 RISC processor of the NPE-200. In addition, the Cisco NPE-225 supports additional caching and SDRAM memory capacity.

Table 1  Product Substitution




US $4500


Higher packet forwarding rate

Support for a wider range of PCMCIA flash memory capacity

High-performance 263-MHz RM5271 RISC processor

2-MB Layer 2 cache and 64-MB SDRAM (expandable to 128 MB)

Cisco IOS Software

Cisco NPE-225 is supported on the Cisco uBR7223, uBR7246, and uBR7246VXR platforms, with a minimum Cisco IOS® software version of 12.0(7)T, 12.0(6)SC, 12.1(1), 12.1(1)T, and 12.1(2)EC (Table 2). Cisco IOS releases 12.0SC, 12.1, 12.1T, and 12.1EC will be the last releases of Cisco IOS software that will support the Cisco NPE-200.

Table 2  Configuration Flexibility

Cisco uBR7223
Cisco uBR7246
Cisco uBR7246 VXR








Support Programs

EoS refers to the time when certain products are no longer available for new purchases (Table 3). It does not apply to the service and support programs for those products. Cisco will continue to support the Cisco NPE-200 after EoS through the Cisco SMARTnet and Comprehensive Maintenance programs. Customers with either of these service contracts are entitled to free software updates through all maintenance releases of 12.0SC, 12.1, 12.1T and 12.1EC, 24-hour phone support through the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and advance replacement hardware for repairs. Comprehensive Maintenance customers also receive on-site service. Customers who do not have a maintenance contract can purchase software updates and hardware repair services from Cisco to meet specific requirements rather than full service coverage. Cisco is committed to providing software support for the Cisco NPE-200 for two years and hardware support for a period of five years after the EoS date.

Table 3  EoS Schedule for Cisco uBR7200 Series Routers

EoS Announcement

August 1, 2000

EoS of Cisco NPE-200

(for the Cisco uBR7200 series routers only)

August 31, 2000

After August 31, 2000, the NPE-200 will no longer be orderable for Cisco uBR7200 series routers

End of Software Maintenance Support

January 27, 2003

End of SMARTnet Contract Renewal

January 27, 2005

End of Hardware Maintenance Support

January 27, 2006

After January 27, 2006, no hardware repairs or exchanges will be available for the NPE-200

For any questions, please contact the Cisco TAC at 1(800) 553-2447, (408)526-7209, or by e-mail at
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