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End of Life and End of Sale for specific 7204 VPN Bundles

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Product Bulletin No. 2175

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Product Bulletin No. 2175

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement
for Specific Cisco 7204 VPN Bundles

Cisco Systems® announces the end of life of two specific Cisco® 7204 VPN bundles, part numbers listed in Table 2 below. The last day to order the bundles is November 30, 2003. Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates.

The Cisco 7200 VPN bundles provides best-in-class virtual private network (VPN) and security services by combining the strength of Cisco 7200 Series features and Cisco VPN Acceleration Module (VAM) with Cisco IOS® Software network services. To better address requirements specific to the evolving VPN market, the two security router bundles based on Cisco 7204 router with Cisco Integrated Services Adapter (ISA) and Cisco VPN Acceleration Module will enter end-of-sale status. The Cisco 7200 VPN bundles based on the six-slot chassis, namely Cisco 7206 Series, and VAM are not affected by this announcement.

The recommended migration product, Cisco 7206 Series router with the VAM, offers more VPN scalability and performance over the forementioned end-of-sale bundles. It supports up to 50 percent more VPN tunnels compared to end-of-sale bundles. Furthermore, it delivers up to 60 percent better VPN performance when compared with the Cisco 7204 VPN bundle with ISA. Lastly, it offers two more slots in the chassis for greater extensibility and higher interface density through a broad set of LAN/WAN interfaces.

Table 1  End-of-Life Milestones and Dates

End-of-life announcement date

The date the document that announces the end of sale and end of life of a product is distributed to the general public.

May 27, 2003

End-of-sale date

The last date to order the product through Cisco point-of-sale mechanisms. The product is no longer for sale after this date.

November 30, 2003

Last shipment date

The last-possible date product shipment can be deferred to.

February 28, 2004

End of software maintenance releases date

The last date that Cisco Engineering may release any final software maintenance releases or bug fixes. After this date, Cisco Engineering will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.

Support provided as part of standard services-and-support contract for Cisco 7200 Series router

7200 Series router

Last date of support

The last date to receive service and support for the product. After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete.

The above-mentioned milestones only apply to the end-of-sale bundles listed in Table 2. They do not affect the Cisco 7200 Series router and associated product line. Furthermore, this action does not affect the services-and-support contract because it applies to the Cisco 7200 Series router and not the end-of-sale bundle part number.

The table below lists the two VPN bundles with recommended Cisco 7206 Series Router migration option.

Table 2  Table 2: Product Part Numbers Affected and Migration Path

                  End-of-Sale Product
Recommended Product Migration
Part Number



Cisco 7204VXR Router, NPE-400, 128 MB of system memory, dual 10/100 Fast Ethernet I/O controller, AC power, IPsec/3DES Cisco IOS Software, Integrated Services Module (ISA)

Cisco 7206 Series Router, NPE-400 processor with 256 MB of system memory, I/O controller with dual 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports, AC power, IPsec/3DES Cisco IOS Software, and VPN Acceleration Module. This combination offers 60 percent better performance compared to ISA-based bundle. Furthermore, it offers 50 percent more VPN tunnels scalability over both bundles.

A number of turnkey Cisco 7200 Series VPN Bundles are available. Please contact your Cisco representative for additional information.


Cisco 7204VXR Router, NPE-400, 128 MB of system memory, dual 10/100 Fast Ethernet I/O controller, AC power, IPsec/3DES Cisco IOS Software, VPN Acceleration Module (VAM)

Customers can use the Cisco Technology Migration Plan (TMP) to trade in products and receive credit toward the purchase of new Cisco equipment. For more information about Cisco TMP, go to:

The Cisco TMP application requires all users to have a user ID.

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