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New Method for Ordering Cisco Router Software Spare Images

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Product Bulletin, #2382

New Method for Ordering Cisco 7200, 7301, 7304,
7400, and 7500 Series Routers' Software Spare Images

Starting December 15, 2003, the method for ordering software spare images will change for the Cisco® 7200, 7300, 7400, and 7500 Series routers. After selecting from one of the new product part numbers listed in Table 1, customers may choose from one of the images available on the platform. Only one image may be selected per CD-ROM.

Table 1   New Software Spare Product Part Numbers

Product Part Numbers  Product Description 

Cisco 7200 Series Software Spare CD


Cisco 7301 Series Software Spare CD


Cisco 7304 Series Software Spare CD


Cisco 7400 Series Software Spare CD


Cisco 7500 Series Software Spare CD

Following is an example for Cisco 7500-SW-SPARECD. Pricing for the spare software images will remain the same on all platforms.

Figure 1
Step 1—Select 7500-SW-SPARECD

Figure 2
Step 2—Select from One of the Images Available

Customers may continue to order spare software images with the new method or by selecting one of the spare images (indicated by an "=" at the end of the product part number) until February 29, 2004. After that date the old spare image product part numbers will be removed from the price list, and spare software must be ordered using the new method described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is "spare software" or "a software spare" on the Cisco 7x00 routers? When do I need to order one?

A. "Spare" software includes a copy of Cisco IOS® Software on a CD-ROM, and most importantly, a license to use that software.

Spare software is required when a customer wants a new version of Cisco IOS Software and does not have a current maintenance agreement, or when they have purchased their Cisco 7x00 routers product used—software licenses are not transferable from owner to owner.

Q. Why is this change being made?

A. Currently, Cisco Systems® offers a product code for each individual Cisco IOS Software image, and an additional product code for the same image as a spare. With the large number of available images, this new method reduces the number of product part numbers, and eases navigation through the ordering process for software spares.

Q. How does ordering change?

A. Previously, customers ordering spare software chose a different product code for each image. With this method, they choose the spare product code for the appropriate platform, then configure it with the appropriate software version—the process is a simplified version of configuring software on a new system order.

Q. Can I still order the old product part numbers?

A. The current format of spare software product part numbers will be available through February 2004. After that, the new method must be used to order spare software.

Q. Does this change the pricing of spare software?

A. No. Although the pricing is allocated differently across the software spare product code and the software image itself, there is no change in the resulting price.

For more information, please contact your Cisco account representative or reseller.