Cisco 700 Series ISDN Access Routers

End of Sale on Select Models of Cisco 700 Series ISDN - No. 876

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Product Bulletin - No. 876


Specific Products

Product Substitution

Why Cisco is Ending Sales of Selected 700 Series Models


Product Bulletin - No. 876

End of Sale Announcement on Select Models of the Cisco 700 Series ISDN Router


This product bulletin covers the issues associated with the end of sale of select Cisco 700 series models. This document includes information about which products are affected, availability and maintenance, as well as substitute products.

Specific Products

The following Cisco 700 series models will be end-of-sale products:
Part Number

ISDN router with NT1


ISDN router with two POTS


ISDN router with NT1, two POTS


ISDN router with four-port hub


RO 760-770, 1500 users, data comp, IP/IPX


RO 760-770, 1500 users, data comp, IP/IPX (X.25 B& D)

765M, 766M, 771M
End of Sale Announced

March 15, 1999

September 8, 1999

Intent to end sale models

Last Software Feature Release

March 15, 1999
(Version 4.3)

January 2000
(Version 4.4)

The last major feature release

End of Orderability

September 8, 1999

May 2, 2000

Last orders accepted by Cisco

Last Shipment (approximate)

October 8, 1999

June 2000

End of Hardware Support

March 8, 2002

May 2, 2003

No hardware repairs or exchanges after this date

End of Software Support

March 8, 2004

May 2, 2005

No software support or maintenance releases after this date

Product Substitution

On March 1, 1999, Cisco announced a price reduction of the Cisco 775M and 776M models. These two products will be the replacements for the EOS models mentioned above. For a replacement to the Remote Office (RO) and Remote Office X.25 (ROX) software images, Cisco recommends the new Cisco 800 series with the IP/IPX Plus software feature set.

Why Cisco is Ending Sales of Selected 700 Series Models

To increase its competitive position and simplify the ordering process, Cisco has reduced the price of the Cisco 775M and 776M models and has ended sales for the following models:762M, 765M, 766M, and 771M. The Cisco 775M and 776M models now offer more functionality at a lower price, and the number of models to choose from is reduced.


For specific orderability questions, contact your customer service representative.