Cisco 600 Series DSL Customer Premises Equipment Routers

End-of-Life Announcement for Cisco 605 ADSL PCI Card Modem

Product Bulletin, No. 1295

Cisco 605 ADSL PCI Card Modem
End of Life Announcement


World Wide


Cisco 605 ADSL Modem


End of Sale

January 1, 2000

End of Support

January 1, 2003


Orderability has been turned off and Cisco is no longer accepting any orders for this product.


The Cisco 605 is not generally available, and no future production is planned.

End of Sale

End of sale for new and existing customers was effective January 1, 2000.

End of Support

Consistent with Cisco policy, Cisco will continue to support this product for three years. Cisco support for the Cisco 605 will officially terminate on January 1, 2003.