Cisco 3600 Series Multiservice Platforms

End-of-Sale Announcement for Single Port OC-3 ATM NM, No. 2032

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Product Bulletin No. 2032

Key End of Support dates

Support Programs

Product Bulletin No. 2032

End-of-Sale Announcement for 3600 Series Single Port OC-3 ATM Network Modules with Circuit Emulation Service (CES)

This Product Bulletin serves as the formal 6 month End of Sales (EoS), and End of Engineering (EoE) notification for the following 3600 Series OC-3 ATM with CES network modules effective July 21, 2003.

NM-1A-OC3MM-1V - One port Multimode OC-3 ATM network module with CES

NM-1A-OC3SMI-1V - One port Singlemode Intermediate Reach OC-3 ATM network module with CES

NM-1A-OC3SML-1V - One port Singlemode Long Reach OC-3 ATM network module with CES

This family of OC-3 ATM network modules with CES are being discontinued because the customer demand for T1/E1 Circuit Emulation Services (CES) over OC-3 ATM has significantly decreased over the past couple of years. Many customers have already migrated their mission critical, delay sensitive and low latency voice applications to Voice over IP over ATM. As an alternative for CES, customers are encouraged to deploy Voice over IP over ATM with IOS Quality of Service (QoS) to guarantee high quality voice traffic over their ATM network. There are no future plans to support network modules on either 3600 or 3700 Series product families that provide CES functionality with an OC-3 interface as the uplink to the WAN.

If ATM OC-3 Singlemode Intermediate Reach Circuit Emulation Service is a requirement then the recommended migration path is to the 72xx Series platforms that supports both T1 (PA-A2-4T1C-OC3SM) and E1 (PA-A2-4E1XC-OC3SM) OC-3 with CES Port Adapters.

Table 1  

End of Sale Product Name
Product Description
Substitute Product

1-Port Multimode OC-3 ATM CES network module

Voice over IP over ATM with non-CES OC-3 ATM network modules


1-Port Singlemode Intermediate Reach OC-3 ATM CES network module

Voice over IP over ATM with non-CES OC-3 ATM network modules or 72xx with PA-A2-4T1C-OC3SM or PA-A2-4E1XC-OC3SM


1-Port Singlemode Long Reach OC-3 ATM CES network module

Voice over IP over ATM with non-CES OC-3 ATM network modules

Key End of Support dates

Table 2  

End of Sales announcement

January 21, 2003

OC-3 ATM with CES NM's End-of Sales notification

End of sales date

July 21, 2003

End of product orderability

Last Ship date

October 21, 2003

Last day product ships from manufacturing

Last day for software support

October, 2004*

For software defects only. No new features or functionality will be added but software defects will be addressed until the final maintanence release of 12.3 Mainline

End of Service Contract Renewal

July, 2007

After July, 2007 no service contracts will be accepted with the OC-3 with CES network modules

Last day for service support by the TAC

July, 2008

After July, 2008, no hardware repairs or exchanges will be available for the OC-3 with CES network modules

* Or until final software maintenance release of Cisco IOS 12.3 Mainline release

Support Programs

End-of-Sale refers to the time when certain products are no longer available for new system purchases. It does not apply to the service and support programs for those products. Cisco will continue to support software bug fixes of these ATM OC-3 network modules through IOS Release 12.3 Mainline with SmartNet and Comprehensive Maintenance programs. Customers with either of these service contracts are entitled to free software updates through all maintenance releases of 12.3 Mainline, 24-hour phone support through the Technical Assistance Center,

and advance replacement hardware for repairs. Comprehensive Maintenance customers also receive on-site service. Customers who do not have a maintenance contract can purchase software updates and hardware repair services from Cisco to meet specific requirements rather than full service coverage. Cisco is committed to supporting these systems for a period of five (5) years after the End-of-Sale date.