Cisco 2500 Series Routers

End-of-Sales Announcement for Cisco 2500 Components

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Product Bulletin No. 1439


Product Bulletin No. 1439

End-of-Sale Announcement
for Cisco 2500 Components

Several Low Volume 2500 Router components will no longer be orderable.

July 1, 2001

The Cisco 2500 Series Routers have enjoyed a long and successful history since their introduction in 1993. As the Cisco 2500 Series has matured Cisco's costs for goods, manufacturing, and service and support have increased, requiring a price increase.

The following part numbers will not be orderable after July 31, 2001:

Product Number

RPS Field Upgrade Kit—Spare


Cisco 2524/25 2-Wire 56Kbps DSU/CSU Interface—Spare


Cisco 2524/25 4-Wire 56Kbps DSU/CSU Interface—Spare


Cisco 2524/25 Fractional/Full T1 DSU/CSU Interface—Spare


Cisco 2524/25 ISDN-BRI with S/T bus Interface—Spare


Cisco 2524/25 Blank Module—Spare

These are very low demand products. Production and inventory costs have increased to the point the products cannot be supported any longer. Because of their uniqueness, no substitute products can be recommended.

However, the 2600 router family products are recommended as substitutes for the 2500 series router. For more information on the Cisco 2600, please visit the following URL:


For further assistance, please contact your Customer Service Representative.