Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Routers

Cisco 1700 VPN and Security Upgrade Kit

Product Bulletin No. 1980

New Cisco 1700 VPN And Security Upgrade Kit

Customers can cost-effectively upgrade existing 1700 routers with powerful VPN and Security Technologies
CISCO1700-VPNU/K9= will be available December 1, 2002

Cisco 1700 Series routers are considered the essential access router for branch offices and small and medium-sized business customers. However, the growing need for network security is causing many customers to reassess their network technology. Fortunately, all Cisco 1700 Series Router can be supplemented with powerful network security features, creating a completely integrated solution.

The new Cisco 1700 VPN and Security Upgrade Kit provides the most essential network security features necessary to protect a customer network while delivering high performance. These network security features include:

  • Virtual private networking
  • Stateful firewall
  • Intrusion detection systems

Virtual Private Networking helps ensure the confidentiality and integrity of communications when using an insecure network environment such as the Internet. Using Cisco Easy VPN technology, Cisco 1700 Series routers can be used to support VPN connections from mobile workers, telecommuters, and other remote users.

A Stateful Firewall protects a network and resources from unauthorized access. The Cisco IOS® Firewall is a powerful stateful firewall that monitors sessions that are initiated from inside the secured network. This prevents sessions initiated from outside environments from being established to networked resources within the secured network.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) analyze packets crossing a network to identify characteristics or signatures typically associated with harmful networking activities. After a signature is identified, the IDS can take preventive actions such as generating an alarm, terminating the offending session, or blocking packing from the offending addressing. The Cisco IOS Intrusion Detection System can identify 59 signatures, making the supporting router an effective tool in network security.

The Cisco 1700 VPN and Security Upgrade Kit is field upgradable and can be supported on any Cisco 1700 Series Router. The Cisco 1700 VPN and Security Upgrade Kit includes:

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VPN Hardware Acceleration Module


Cisco IOS with IP Plus, ADSL, FW, IDS IPSec 3DES

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Product Number: CISCO1700-VPNU/K9=

Orderability Date: December 1, 2002

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