Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Routers

Caller ID on Cisco 175x and Direct Inward Dial on Cisco 1751

Product Bulletin No. 1541

Caller ID on Cisco 175x
and Direct Inward Dial on
Cisco 1751 Now Available

On October 1, 2001 Caller ID (Calling Number ID CLID) will be available on the Cisco 1750 and Cisco 1751 Modular Access Routers and Direct Inward Dial (DID) will be available on Cisco 1751 routers.

These features have existed on traditional circuit switched telephony equipment for years and are imperative to the deployment of IP-based voice throughout enterprise or carrier networks. Caller is an analog service offered by a Central Office (CO), which supplies calling party information to subscribers. Typically, the calling party number and the name appear on a telephone. Carriers use Caller ID as an additional revenue-generating feature that they can sell to customers and offer as a managed service provider feature offering. Enterprises use Caller ID as a value added feature to increase productivity and efficiency in the office. Direct Inward Dial is used by carriers when deploying managed voice & data services or by enterprises for branch and regional offices. Delivering advanced telephony functionality such as DID and CLID on the 1700 platform enables SMBs and small branch offices to adopt converged e-business applications that increase organizational efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

CLID on Cisco 175x provides a method to pass calling number identification and associated directory information over a VoIP, VoFR or VoATM (AAL5) network. CLID has the capability of receiving or sending calling number identification from or to a device connected to an FXS, FXO port (including phones, PBXs, Key Communication Systems, and the PSTN). As with the Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3600 series, CLID will be enabled on the Cisco 175x and DID available on Cisco 1751 through voice interface cards and Cisco IOS.

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