Cisco 1600 Series Routers

Cisco 1600-R Models Will Replace Cisco 1600 Original Models

Product Bulletin, no. 1091

Cisco 1600-R Models Will Replace Cisco 1600 Original Models


Cisco Systems is replacing the original Cisco 1600 models with the new Cisco 1600-R models. The Cisco 1600-R models were released in March 1999 and are bundled with IOS® IP software.

The Cisco 1600-R models provide greater performance, easier upgradability, and lower cost of ownership. In all other respects, the Cisco 1600-R models deliver the same functionality as the Cisco 1600 original models.

The following URL contains additional product information on the Cisco 1600-R models:

This product bulletin provides information about the products affected, their availability, and substitute products.

Product Substitution

Old Product Substitute Product Product Description


Ethernet/Serial Modular Router



Ethernet/Serial Modular Router with 56k DSU 4-wire



Ethernet/ISDN-BRI Modular Router



Ethernet/ISDN-BRI Modular Router with NT1

Key EOS/EOL Dates for Cisco 1600 Original Models

Milestone Dates Description

August 1, 2000

Last day to place orders for Cisco 1600 original model

Last Ship Date

September 1, 2000

Last date the product will be directly shipped out of Cisco manufacturing or similar Cisco order fulfillment stations. After End-of-Manufaturing/End-of-Production, the product will not be manufactured

Last Date for Hardware Support

August 1, 2002

Cisco will no longer make changes to the hardware

Last Date for Software Support

August 1, 2003

Cisco will no longer make changes to the software

Last Date for Contract Renewal

August 1, 2004

Last day that a customer can renew an existing service contract, provided it does not extend beyond Last Date of Support. After this date, contracts shall not be processed. The service parts shall be disabled on this date

Last Date for Service Support

August 1, 2005

The last date to receive service and support for the product. After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, RMAs are not accepted and the product becomes obsolete

Expiration Date for (Renewed) Contracts

August 1, 2005

This product will expire from the renewed contract

Alternative Solution

The Cisco 1700 modular access router series builds upon the success of the Cisco 1600 series, delivering advanced services including voice/data integration, virtual private networks (VPNs), and broadband connections. In addition to the 1600-R models, customers are encouraged to also consider the Cisco 1700 series as substitute products for the Cisco 1600 original models.


For orderability questions, please contact your customer service representative.