Cisco ONS 15800 Series DWDM Platforms

CISCO ONS 15800/01 rel. 2.0: Software available on CCO

Product Bulletin, No. 1677

Cisco ONS 15800/01 rel. 2.0: Software available on CCO


The Cisco ONS 15800 / ONS 15801 DWDM system is a field proven, Internet scale, carrier class optical transport platform that allows service providers to maximize the use of installed fibers over long-haul networks, and it can scale with the exponential growth of the Internet traffic. Combined with other Cisco products, the Cisco ONS 15800 / ONS 15801 enables carriers to build a flexible end-to-end optical solution that meets the requirements of carrier-class reliability. The multiple band design of the Cisco ONS 15800 / ONS 15801 allows carriers incomparable flexibility to deploy applications and add wavelengths as needed. This feature, combined with an open systems architecture, makes the Cisco ONS 15800 / ONS 15801 the most adaptable DWDM system available.




This release introduce the following features:

  • SW is ready to manage the IR Band: when customer decides to increase the network capacity upgrading the network with IR band in its system neither SW agent nor upgrade is necessary from the supervision SW point of view, since TL1 agent is already able to manage the IR units.
  • SW is ready to manage OSU-W unit that support 1+1 optical protection ;
  • Multi-bay Management: with CMP-W-2E the new CMP architecture allow to overcome the limitation in the number of addressable subracks. This limitation is now overtaken with the a redesign of CMP architecture, no more constraints nor limitation is present;
  • CPTK rel. 2.1 provides all the the main features for installation, upgradability and maintenance activity for the ONS 15800/01 rel. 2.0. Compared to CPTK rel. 1.6, CPTK rel. 2.1 provides the following enhancements:


o        Inventory: consists of the capability to allow Personnel field to collect all the information on the relevant data on the installed system;

o        Commissioning: consists of the capability to collect from the Network Element the subset of the necessary parameters and relative values to allow Field Personnel to perform the Network Commissioning (e.g. the Optical Power thresholds) operation;

o        Troubleshooting: it is the capability of collecting all parameters, thresholds and values from the Network Element to increase the capability to locate, also from remote location any possible problem in the network.

  • CPLT 3.0: through APP (Amplifier Power Provisioning) feature, CPLT provides the capability to adjust the power injected in optical amplifiers when channel count is modified.


ONS 15800 / 15801 releases are orderable from CCO.

To download the new software and the relevant release note document, you should use the link address and the access code that are provided when a product is ordered. In case of problems you may contact your sales representative.
The following SW products are available on CCO:

File name



TL1 Agent

CPTK rel. 2.1
CPLT rel. 3.0.1
APP database update


Upgrade a CMP-W board to 15800 rel. 2.0 Software

FW for all the boards that can be upgraded in field, through CPTK tool

Detailed description of the outstanding  issues with the above products may be found in the Release Notes for Cisco ONS 15800/15801 Release 2.0 on CCO:
For more information about DDTS caveats, entitled CCO users may go to

or contact Technical Assistance Center by writing to


For SW and FW backward compatibility details, go to:


ONS 15800 / 15801 SW is orderable from CCO.

The ONS 15800 / ONS 15801 rel. 2.0 software can be ordered from your sales representative or on-line. Specific product codes and descriptions are detailed below.


TL1 Agent (2.0) - ONS 15800 Rel. 2.0/ONS 15801 Rel. 2.0


CPLT Rel. 3.0 - CPTK Rel. 2.1

For more information on the Cisco ONS 15800/01, go to