Cisco routers provide access to applications and services, and integrate technologies.

Cisco APIC Enterprise Module

Extend automation beyond your data center to your WAN and access domains.

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    Optimize branch services on a single platform while delivering an optimal application experience across branch and WAN infrastructure.

    • 4451-small

      4451-X Integrated Services Router

      • New multi-core CPU architecture runs Cisco IOS-XE to deliver services to the branch
      • Separate control, data, and services plane delivers application-aware network services
      • Gigabit forwarding performance with upgradable feature license
      • 2 RU modular form factor
    • 3900-m

      3900 Series Integrated Services Router

      • Delivers scalable interactive media services, including TelePresence
      • Ideal for high-end deployments requiring business continuity, collaboration
      • Field-upgradeable motherboard, 350 Mbps circuit-speed WAN performance
      • 3 RU modular form factor
    • 2900-m

      2900 Series Integrated Services Router

      • Provides interactive media services and service virtualization
      • Ideal for mid-range deployments needing business agility and collaboration
      • Circuit-speed WAN performance up to 75 Mbps , plus variety of services
      • 1-2 RU modular form factor
    • 1900-sm-photo

      1900 Series Integrated Services Router

      • Entry-level, highly secure, cost-effective solution for WAN deployments
      • Ideal for small offices requiring modular flexibility
      • Circuit-speed performance up to 25 Mbps with concurrent services
      • Desktop form factor
    • Product Small Photo - Cisco 800 Series Routers

      800 Series Integrated Services Router

      • Provides secure WAN connectivity with desktop form factor
      • Ideal for telecommuters and small offices
      • Wire-speed performance with secure data services
      • Factory-selectable 802.11n access point and 3G WAN options
  • network-edge

    Network Edge

    Transform your Network Edge to deliver high-performance, highly secure, and reliable services to unite campus, data center, and branch networks.

    • Product Small Photo

      ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Router

      • Industry-leading performance, service capabilities, and reliability
      • Ideal for enterprises for private WAN, Internet edge, and WAN aggregation
      • Highly secure, high-performance, instant-on services
      • Extends network as a platform for cloud computing
    • Product Small Photo

      Catalyst 6500 Series Switches

      • WAN service modules facilitate LAN/WAN consolidation
      • Advanced traffic management boosts performance and productivity
      • Integrated security services protect critical resources and connected users
      • Extensible systems readily adapt to new business and IT demands
  • serviceprovider-100x80

    Service Provider

    Differentiate your service portfolio and increase revenues by delivering end-to-end scalable solutions and subscriber-aware services.

    • image-small

      Cisco Network Convergence System 6000 Series Routers

      • Industry-leading Cisco nPower X1 network processor units (NPUs)
      • Hardware-enabled true zero-packet, zero-topology loss(ZPL/ZTL) in Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)
      • Ability to scale beyond one petabit in a multi-chassis configuration
      • Enhanced operations support
      • Packet-optical integration
    • Product Small Photo

      Cisco Carrier Routing System

      • Offers industry-leading performance and advanced services intelligence
      • Ideal for service providers across all market segments
      • Scales up to 322 Tbps
      • Provides industry-leading efficiency, requiring less power and rack space
    • ASR 9000 Series Product Photo Small

      ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

      • Offers nonstop video, enhanced scalability, and reduced carbon footprint
      • Ideal for carriers offering residential, mobile and business services
      • Scales up to 96 Tbps per system with comprehensive system redundancy
      • Offers unique service- and application-level intelligence
    • Product Small Photo

      ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Router

      • Industry-leading performance, service capabilities, and reliability
      • Ideal for large enterprises and service providers
      • Highly secure, high-performance and integrated software-enabled services
      • New collaborative and highly secure connectivity features
    • Product Small Photo

      Cisco 7600 Series Routers

      • High performance, with up a choice of form factors purpose-built for high availability
      • A portfolio of shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs) that controls voice, video, and data experiences
      • Scalable and extensible suite of hardware and software capabilities to enable intelligent Carrier Ethernet services
      • Ideal for large enterprises and service providers
    • Product Small Photo

      Cisco XR 12000/12000 Series Router

      • Extends highly secure virtualization and integral service delivery
      • Ideal for large enterprises and service providers
      • Features Cisco Interface-Flex, which prioritizes voice, video, and data services
      • Offers continuous system operation and multiservice scale
    • Product Small Photo

      ASR 900 Series Aggregation Router

      • Provides high-performance, carrier-class access and pre-aggregation services
      • Ideal for service providers that deliver carrier Ethernet or mobile backhaul services
      • Offers fully redundant capabilities in a hardened small-form-factor chassis
      • Protects investments with its modular and upgradable design

A Branch Office Cost Advantage

Cisco Integrated Services Routers TCO is 49 percent lower than competitors. (PDF - 1.37 MB)

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