Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

End of Life Announcement Cisco ONS 15454 Fan Tray Assembly

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Product Bulletin No. 1245

Compatibility Issue

Product Bulletin No. 1245

End of Life Announcement Cisco ONS 15454 Fan Tray Assembly and Fan Tray Filter

This Product Bulletin serves as formal notification that the Cisco ONS 15454 fan tray assembly (Product Number 15454-FTA) and Fan Tray Filter (Product Number 15454-FTF) will reach end of sales (EOS) and end of life (EOL) milestones on the dates listed in Table 1.

Table 1  Timeline (15454-FTA)

Effective Date
End of Sale (EOS)

March 30, 2001

Orders will no longer be accepted (shipments will continue until outstanding orders are filled)

End of Life (EOL)

April 15, 2001

Manufacture discontinued—the product is no longer in production.; date is approximate and will be based on volume of orders at EOS

End of Support (EOS)

April 15, 2006

Cisco technical assistance will no longer support this product. Replacements for repair and return may no longer be available.

The 15454-FTA and 15454-FTF being discussed in this EOL announcement is used with the previously discontinued 15454-NEBS3 shelf assembly. The previously released enhanced shelf assembly, 15454-NEBS3E, requires the use of a new fan tray assembly, 15454-FTA2.

Compatibility Issue

It is important for customers to understand the compatibility issues between FTA/FTF and FTA2/FTF2 and the NEBS3 shelf assembly and the NEBS3E shelf assembly (Table 2).

Table 2  Component Compatibility

Shelf Assembly
Fan Tray Assembly
Fan Tray Filter
Not Compatible


15454-FTF or 15454-FTF2





15454-FTA, 15454-FTF

The new shelf assembly (15454-SA-NEBS3E) offers cosmetic changes, including branding/name changes, as well as fiber management enhancements. The fiber management enhancements include reels on the side of the cabinet for storing excess fiber jumper slack and a fan tray that can be removed for maintenance and filter replacement without disturbing the fiber management on the front of the shelf. These are the major differences between the two shelf assemblies. Other changes are minor in nature (Table 3).

Table 3  End-of-Life Components and Their Replacements

EOL Part
Replacement Part
Part Description


The new fan tray assembly (15454-FTA2) is not a replacement or interchangeable with the EOL 15454-FTA fan tray assembly. The 15454-FTA2 will not install into the old 15454-NEBS3 shelf assembly.



The new fan tray filter (15454-FTF2) is backward compatible with the previous fan tray filter (15454-FTF) and the previous shelf assembly (15454-NEBS3). However, the 15454-FTF only installs in the discontinued 15454-NEBS3 shelf assembly with the 15454-FTA fan tray assembly.